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Chien Xen Ng : Consultant

Chien is a member of Oxera’s Transport and Efficiency teams. His work involves applying quantitative economic analysis across a range of projects, including impact assessments, merger analysis and efficiency benchmarking. Chien has contributed to multiple submissions to the CMA and courts, and has advised a number of companies and regulators on issues of cost efficiency, regulatory design, and competition issues

Chien joined Oxera in 2018 after completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge, focusing on econometrics and industrial organisation. In his previous work, Chien worked in the research department of a commercial bank, where he used time series techniques to forecast macroeconomic variables to predict turning points in business cycles.

Chien speaks English.

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 253025

Chien's specialisms include:

professional experience

  • Advice to a large UK airport on the government’s methodology of setting travel corridors and the impact of vaccination programmes on travel regimes (2021)

  • Advice to a European airline on the effects of a large state aid measure on effective competition (2021)

  • Advice to a large UK water company on its approach to investment appraisals: designed an approach that incorporates best practice in economic assessments and that is aligned with strategic goals, such as the move to net-zero carbon emissions (2020–)

  • Advice to a large UK water company on the PR19 water CMA appeals, covering a range of issues on econometrics and cost assessment used to predict future efficient cost allowances using forecasted cost drivers—including analysis considering the choice of efficiency benchmark, issues around the inclusion of additional data to update models, and cost driver selection (2020)

  • Advice to a large UK water company on the PR19 water CMA appeals, focusing on the assessment of efficient costs of its large environmental programme (2020)

  • Advice to a government on a proposed merger between two large airlines, considering a wide set of factors related to public interest: designed and implemented an econometric approach to assessing price effects arising from the merger; carried out a welfare analysis of the merger, as well as other government objectives such as tourism; considered the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and other expected changes in the aviation industry on forecasts (2020)


  • Horncastle, A. and Ng, C.X. (forthcoming), ‘Efficiency analysis in the water industry in England & Wales’, Handbook of Production Economics, Vol 2, Springer, 2019.

  • Ng, C.X. (2019), ‘What is the impact of new rail stations on deprivation?’, Papers and Proceedings of the European Transport Conference, Dublin.

  • Elvery, S., Ng, C.X. and Shepherd, S. (2019), ‘What is the economic and financial case for new or local regional rail lines?’, Papers and Proceedings of the European Transport Conference, Dublin.


  • BA Economics, University of Cambridge, UK

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