Depiction of Commercial Litigation and International Arbitration

Commercial Litigation and International Arbitration

Oxera has vast experience in quantifying damages and valuing assets in commercial litigation and international arbitration cases. Over the past 20 years, we’ve assessed damages arising from contractual disputes, investment treaty arbitrations, IP infringement, shareholder disagreements, fraud allegations, and insolvency proceedings.

Our experts have provided testimony in court cases in various countries (including Australia, Canada, China, and the UK) and in international arbitrations across all major forums (ICC, LCIA, PCA, SCAI and ICSID) in London, Paris, Zurich, and the Hague.

Oxera is also a faculty member for Global Arbitration Review’s (GAR) Academy on Damages in International Arbitration.

An expert-led approach to quantifying damages in commercial litigation and international arbitration

Whether it’s an early assessment of the economic merits or the size of a claim, round-the-clock advice during mediation or settlement negotiations, or the preparation of expert reports, cross-examination questions, and oral testimony, our experts can provide you with hands-on assistance every step of the way.

Supported by a dedicated team of consultants and an extensive network of world-renowned academics, our experts take great pride in bringing fresh economic insights grounded in the facts of each case, rather than adopting a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Our battle-hardened experts also know the power of persuasive evidence, and work tirelessly to deliver clear expert reports and compelling testimonies during cross-examination.

A leave-no-stone-unturned approach

Our dedicated team of consultants analyses issues from all angles and arrives at the most compelling arguments and robust damages estimates.

Our team excels at developing well-rounded analysis through skilfully leveraging our vast experience in competition, regulation, and state aid matters, and capitalising on the expertise of our sector teams in energy, financial services, pharma, telecoms, transport, and water.

Speaking more than 30 languages, our team thrives on collaboration and works closely with your legal team and industry experts to ensure that the quantum analysis is consistent with the overall case.

Highlights of our experience

Our case highlights include testifying at:

  • the High Court of Justice in London regarding the value of a wealth management company on behalf of a majority owner of the company
  • an ICC-administered arbitration in Paris over a multi-billion-dollar dispute involving a global telecoms company and an asset management company in Latin America
  • an LCIA-administered arbitration over bribery allegations between joint venture partners for a construction project in Africa
  • an SCC-administered arbitration in Zurich over a post-merger dispute regarding the value of a bank
  • an ICSID-administered arbitration in Paris involving a water company in its claim against the Republic of Estonia under the BIT for a breach of privatisation contract
  • a PCA-administered arbitration in an investor–state dispute caused by the premature termination of three long-term power-purchase agreements by an Eastern European country

Dr Min Shi leads an excellent team. She is unflappable, extremely intelligent and very easy to work with.

- Quinn Emmanuel

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