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Playing a crucial role in ensuring a fair deal

Companies can be fundamentally transformed through mergers. They can enter new markets, reshape their operations to create efficiencies, and bring new products to market. But if a merger or acquisition threatens healthy competition, the authorities will intervene.

Economics plays a critical role, providing a solid framework of analysis for procompetitive justifications and anticompetitive concerns.

Theories founded on game theory, industrial organisation, microeconomics, bargaining theory, and behavioural economics all have increasing influence in this field, while analysis of economic data using econometrics and other techniques has become decisive in the outcome of competition investigations.

The number of countries requiring mergers to be notified has continued to grow over recent years. International regulatory bodies such as the European Commission, together with national competition authorities, are increasingly reaching decisions based on economic theories and analysis.

Every merger is unique

If you’re involved in a merger, we can help you from the early stages to assess the competition risks and gather key data and evidence to respond to any concerns the authorities are likely to raise.

Once the merger or acquisition has been agreed between the parties, we’ll work alongside you to prepare the submission to the authorities.

We can provide further support during investigations, helping you to answer any questions from the authorities and providing additional analysis to mitigate any anticompetitive concerns.

Clarity is everything

Success in a merger often depends on clear messaging to all parties concerned.

We help by providing compelling and accessible economic analysis for key decision-makers, while we assist competition authorities in developing new assessment frameworks and helping them to understand the impact of mergers on wider markets.

Our expertise includes deep knowledge of specific sectors, including energy, financial services, high-tech, retail, sports, telecoms, transport and water.

Our wider network of international experts, academics, and industry associates means that your merger team is not only equipped with the necessary economics skills, but also data-gathering, statistics, and financial analysis.

Our experience

We’ve helped to secure merger clearance for Circle K, The Co-Operative Group, Liberty Global, Macquarie, Mastercard, The Post Office, and others.

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