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Impact of vaccination on risk of international air travel

In summer 2020, the UK government established travel corridors between the UK and a small number of countries that posed a low COVID-19 risk. In early 2021, new policies were introduced for passengers entering the UK amid worries around variants of concern. At the same time, the UK started to… Read More

Assessment of the effectiveness of rapid testing for SARS-CoV-2

Over the last year, governments have taken the necessary measures to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 by placing significant constraints on international travel, including bans on entry by non-citizens, quarantine (at home or in hotels), and testing. The roll-out of vaccination programmes at scale will be key to facilitating… Read More

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Effectiveness of dual-testing schemes for air passengers

This report is an extension of modelling that was conducted by Oxera and Edge Health in November 2020, which helped provide evidence that supported the test-to-release scheme that was subsequently implemented by the UK government in place of the mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement. At the time, the UK government was… Read More

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What’s new in the 2020 update to the Green Book?

Executive summary Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) has reviewed the Green Book,1 which was last updated in 2018, to assess whether any changes need to be made. This note provides a high-level summary of HMT’s findings from this review, as well as any changes that it caused. The most… Read More

The impact of the Digital Markets Act on innovation

The European Commission is planning a Digital Markets Act (DMA). Our research, commissioned by Amazon, has found that the Commission’s proposals—so far as they can be discerned from the consultation process—risk reducing innovation overall. In turn, this will lead to lower economic growth and harm European consumers. The proposed DMA… Read More

Sharing of data in public transport

The world is seeing an exponential growth in consumer and industry data, triggered by rapid developments in digitalisation such as an increase in the use of Internet-of-Things and data-generating devices including smartphones and connected wearables. There is a growing desire amongst all sectors, including public transport, to understand the value… Read More

The impact of including AV in the EU Geoblocking Regulation

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to financing audio-visual (AV) content. Including AV within the scope of the EU’s 2018 Geoblocking Regulation—even with a requisite rights limitation—would erode the contractual freedoms that traders rely on to fund new content creation and distribution. In 2016, Oxera published a report jointly… Read More