About us

Oxera was founded on a single principle: to use the power of economics and finance to answer the world’s most difficult challenges.

That principle, and our values—integrity, insight, collaboration and passion for our work—have directed us ever since, from where we began to the global reach we have today .

We have played an exciting role in shaping regulation across the world. Worked closely with companies, governments, the smartest academic minds and professional partners to win groundbreaking commercial cases. Delivered fresh and creative work that continues to withstand the scrutiny of markets, regulators, and the test of time.

And we continue to do so.

Inspiring better decisions through economic and financial insight.

Driven by curiosity, integrity, and a passion for making a difference, we bring original and impactful perspectives to the biggest questions facing business and society.

Our purpose

To use economics and finance with impact, to inspire better decisions by businesses and policymakers, and to improve outcomes for society.

The Oxera Difference


We deliver fresh and intelligent insight, finding new and unexpected solutions through the unique combination of our knowledge, expertise and culture.

Cross-sectoral depth

Our cross-sectoral depth means you benefit from us bringing together the right ideas and people to solve your challenges, drawing on our multi-disciplinary knowledge across economic and financial specialisms, geographies and sectors.


We deliver work of the highest quality, that can withstand detailed scrutiny from the most diligent minds.


You can trust that we will always give direct and honest advice. We’ll bring the right team together, respond flexibly to your needs and produce the most compelling case to achieve your goals.

Diversity and Inclusion

Economics needs to address the most difficult questions faced by the world—and in order to do that, we need diverse perspectives around the table.

Working at Oxera

Oxera is characterised by intellectual curiosity and our passion for our work is contagious.

What difference will you make

If you share our interest in the world and want to work in a dynamic, collaborative and rewarding environment, find out what it’s like to work for us.

Meet our people

We are proud to work with some of the brightest minds in economics and finance.

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