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A credible voice in antitrust

Whether your firm is defending against an antitrust concern or has been affected by one, the implications can be far-reaching—not just for your business, but for the market as a whole.

If you’re facing or making allegations of this type, Oxera can work closely with you and your legal advisers to provide the economic inputs required to move your case forward.

Insight and action when you need it most

With antitrust issues, the key is to secure your objectives while satisfying competition authorities.

We help clients in multiple sectors prepare the compelling evidence and expert support that they need to convince the authorities.

Where appropriate, we’ll also design effective remedies, conduct risk assessments of your business practices from a competition law perspective, produce effective and compliant business strategies, and help your organisation transition safely from a regulatory regime to a competitive environment.

Understanding the entire antitrust chessboard

With a reputation for credible and insightful analysis, our antitrust experts can view your issue from every perspective, having advised companies, policymakers, regulators, courts and lawyers on economic issues relating to competition, finance, and regulation.

We work across all sectors, but we have added expertise in digital, energy, financial services, high-tech, retail, sustainability, telecoms, transport, and water. This cross-sectoral expertise, combined with our international experience, leads to innovative, strategically creative solutions.

Our experience includes:

  • more than 30 years of assessing agreements and abuse of dominance in European jurisdictions and beyond
  • cutting-edge analysis on horizontal and vertical agreements, including information exchange, efficient pricing arrangements, vertical restraints, hub-and-spoke arrangements, and issues relating to market power
  • extensive submissions to authorities and testimony in courts across Europe and other jurisdictions, including Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Latin America, New Zealand, South Africa, and the USA
  • training EU judges from across Europe on competition economics since 2012

Oxera provides invaluable support. Their economic insights in a legal context, grounded in the commercial realities of our business and the dynamic markets in which we operate, are a terrific force!

- Anne-Claire Hoyng, Director Global Competition and Consumer Law,

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