Oxera sets the standard for economics, advising government bodies, corporates and lawyers around the world on any economic issue connected with competition, finance, regulation or litigation.

    It was a tremendous team effort and Oxera’s robust expert evidence helped us settle the damages claims on the terms we did.

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    As an industry-leading economics consultancy, we have spent 30 years building relationships and credibility, shaping and influencing regulatory and government policy, and partnering with law firms to advise clients. We have worked with the European Commission, and national governments and regulators in many countries.

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    Economics sheds light on these complex questions, helping policymakers, regulators, courts and businesses navigate through the issues and come to sound decisions and strategies.

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    We don’t believe in presenting ‘one-size-fits-all’ analysis, however rigorous.

    Applying our skills across a wide range of sectors, we are always keen to innovate but never at the expense of a sound and solid argument. And because our teams have specific and deep expertise in a number of sectors, we’re able to focus on the issues and find solutions very quickly.

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    Our strong links with academia, and our expertise in turning the findings of research into strategies for industry and government, make us ideally placed to deliver valuable analysis.