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As electronic sensors, processing power and storage have become cheaper, a growing number of connected IoT (internet of things) devices are collecting and processing data in our homes and businesses.…
7 minute read
Budgets for capital projects are coming under pressure as funding is not being maintained in real price terms. The response from portfolio managers has been to cancel or postpone future…
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The UK Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Consumer Duty, a new outcomes-based regulation for financial services firms, has now been in force for over six months. July 2024 will see the…
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The extension of the 5p cut to fuel duty in last week’s Budget from the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer makes this the 14th year in a row that fuel…
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In April 2024, the UK government will roll out the first phase of its new childcare funding programme, as announced in the Chancellor's Spring Budget 2023. Official estimates may be…

Navigating Merger Control

Together with Skadden and ThoughtLeaders4, Oxera is delighted to invite you to join us on Tuesday 4 June, along with senior members of the EU and UK judiciary and competition authorities, to discuss the current complexities in navigating merger control. Click here to register for the… Read More

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