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Dr Hélène Bourguignon : Partner

Hélène has over 15 years’ experience in competition economics, industrial economics and econometrics. She was previously a Director at economics consultancy MAPP-KPMG, and has also worked at the Autorité de la concurrence as an Antitrust Case Handler and a Merger Case Handler.

She has expertise in a range of sectors including Retail, Online Commerce, Energy, Transport, Online Platforms, and Media and Digital Industries, and has been involved in cases including mergers, cartels, abuses of dominance, damage and policy evaluations.

Hélène has been selected for W@’s ‘40 in their 40s’ Notable Women Competition Professionals in Europe, the Americas and Africa, as part of the ‘Economics and Academia’ category.

Hélène speaks English, and French.

Tel: +32 (0) 493 33 31 79

Hélène's specialisms include:


  • Bourguignon, H., Gomes, R. and Tirole, J. (2019), ‘Shrouded transaction costs: must-take cards, discounts and surcharges’, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 63, March, pp. 99–144.

  • Agnoletto, F. and Bourguignon, H. (2017), ‘La méthode des scores: quand l’Autorité innove dans l’évaluation de la pression concurrentielle locale en contrôle des concentrations’, Revue Concurrences, September, pp. 42–49.

  • Bourguignon, H. and Haraj Touzani, M. (2016), ‘vGUPPIs: an interesting tool for the analysis of vertical mergers’, Revue Concurrences, November.

  • Bourguignon, H., Gomes, R. and Tirole, J. (2014), ‘Card Surcharges and Cash Discounts: Simple Economics and Regulatory Lessons’, Competition Policy International.

  • Cazenave, T. and Bourguignon, H. (2009), ‘Service universel, contrainte de qualité et concurrence’, Revue française d’économie, 24:2, pp. 155–151.

  • Bourguignon, H. and Ferrando, J. (2007), ‘Skimming the other’s cream: Competitive effects of an asymmetric universal service obligation’, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 25:4, pp. 761–790.


  • PhD Economics, University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and CREST, France

  • MSc Industrial Economics, Microeconomics and Econometrics, Paris School of Economics, France

  • Masters in statistics and economics, ENSAE, France

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