Depiction of Strategy


Bringing clarity to your most important decisions

Whatever big decisions your organisation is facing—which products to launch, what prices to charge, which investments to make—economics can help to assess these decisions objectively and from a variety of perspectives.

Capabilities across a wide range of strategic settings

We have experience in advising a broad range of clients on diverse strategic matters, including:

  • writing strategic investment cases for large national investments
  • helping clients to understand scheme objectives and the factors that drive the success of products or programmes
  • assisting in understanding market sizing and conducting scoping analysis to help with route-to-market decisions
  • developing cost analyses and reviewing business models
  • helping firms to consider responses to supply/demand shocks (such as the COVID-19 pandemic) and understand changes in regulation
  • assessing product and whole-market design

Employing the right tools to provide strategic insights

We have a range of tools and expertise at our disposal to ensure your strategic questions are given the rigorous analysis they deserve.

Our experts in econometrics and conjoint analysis can help you to understand how much your consumers are willing to pay, and which parts of your products and service they value most.

Meanwhile, our data scientists can reveal consumer habits and industry trends, and our behavioural economists can help you to design your products to maximise revenue and meet your regulatory obligations.

If you’re assessing investment options or reappraising your current situation, our finance and valuation experts can have the techniques and analytical skills to provide a comprehensive picture.

Finally, our Analytics team can map out your strategic options through scenario analysis, and develop simulations to provide deep, valuable insight into your complex ‘what if?’ questions.

Helping clients across a range of sectors

Our experience includes:

  • understanding willingness-to-pay and performing pricing optimisation for the Heathrow Express rail service
  • developing business case models and providing strategic input to operators of research and science facilities in the UK
  • performing total-cost analysis and market-entry advice for a global telecoms operator in relation to connected cars
  • advising large private equity firms and healthcare operators

Strategy Insights

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