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Brussels has long been an important home for Oxera. Since 2003 we have had a presence in the City, trusted as leading advisers on mergers, antitrust, and state aid issues.

The European institutions based in the City, where many pan-European issues are debated, have relied on our leading economics and finance insight to help resolve market challenges and shape future policies.

Our senior team, multilingual in French, Dutch and English, have developed a strong European network and are respected for advising on issues that are essential to the continent, as well as being at the forefront of thinking that transmits the global agenda in areas like digital policy and climate change.

Our full-service offering includes economic and financial consulting services for cases in front of domestic competition authorities, and analysis and specialist knowledge on issues affecting all major sectors.

Local Insights

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Depiction of EU pharmaceutical strategy: innovative medicine?

EU pharmaceutical strategy: innovative medicine?

In this Agenda article, we look at the Commission’s recently announced Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe. The strategy focuses on improving access to innovative and affordable medicines, and supporting competitiveness and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. These objectives are also linked to wider EU strategies, such as the Green Deal, digital policies, and broader innovation policy. Read More

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Depiction of Spotlight on tax and state aid: the General Court’s Apple judgment

Spotlight on tax and state aid: the General Court’s Apple judgment

In July 2020, the EU General Court annulled the European Commission’s decision that Ireland had granted illegal state aid of at least €13bn to Apple through two tax rulings. The General Court’s judgment in the Apple case was one of the most keenly awaited judgments in the area of state aid. What are the key economic issues raised by the General Court in this case? More generally, how can multinational companies and national tax authorities mitigate state aid risks? Read More

Primary and secondary equity markets in the EU

The European Commission commissioned Oxera to study the functioning of primary and secondary equity markets in the EU. The main objectives of this study are to contribute to the evidence base needed to further advance the Capital Markets Union (CMU), with policies that provide a better environment for listing of companies of different sizes by addressing potential economic and technical barriers related to the EU primary and secondary equity markets. Moreover, the study assesses the prospects for market development and considers the future architecture of EU equity markets. Read More

Image depicting Primary and secondary equity markets in the EU

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