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Robert Catherall joins Oxera as Head of Rail and Bus

Oxera has appointed Robert Catherall to its senior Transport team. Rob has held multiple senior positions at the UK Department for Transport (DfT) and has 15 years’ experience in the civil service.He was nominated by Sir Peter Hendy (Chair of Network Rail and the Secretary of State’s COVID Travel… Read More

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Johan Keetelaar joins Oxera’s senior team

Oxera continues to grow its senior team with the announcement that Johan Keetelaar is to join as a Senior Advisor Holding a Master’s degree in Econometrics from the University of Amsterdam, Johan is a renowned expert in the economics of digital, media, transport and telecoms markets.As Europe’s landmark digital… Read More

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Oxera advises Compare the Market before the Competition Appeal Tribunal

European economics and finance consultancy Oxera submitted economic expert reports and testified during the trial to assist the Tribunal in its decision-making. The appeal resulted in the overturning of the Competition and Markets Authority’s Decision that Compare the Market’s historical use of wide most-favoured-nation clauses in home insurance was anti-competitive. Read More

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Oxera advises on the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision cryptocurrency class action

Oxera has prepared a report as part of a class action examining losses to UK-based individuals who owned the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) due to alleged coordinated behaviour by cryptoexchanges. Oxera’s report is produced as part of a claim on behalf of UK-based individuals who owned BSV, and focuses… Read More

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Oxera continues to grow its senior economist team

Oxera has announced its most recent round of promotions to Principal grade. Shreya Gupta specialises in economic and financial valuation issues in intellectual property disputes. She leads teams working on high-profile disputes involving damages quantification and competition issues.Ilaria Fanton is a senior… Read More

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Sir Philip Lowe joins Oxera’s Board

Philip will work alongside Oxera’s Chair, Dr Luis Correia da Silva, to support the Board’s ambition to continue to expand Oxera’s market presence, and in particular the firm’s specialisms in climate, energy and competition policy. After joining the European Commission in the early 1970s where he was Chef de Cabinet… Read More

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Oxera appoints Dr Luis Correia da Silva as Chair

Dr Luis Correia da Silva has been appointed as Oxera’s next Chair. Luis follows on from Professor Anthony Julius, whose successful term began when Oxera became a partnership in 2013. Working alongside Oxera’s Managing Partner, Dr Gunnar Niels,… Read More

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Oxera appoints Dr Gunnar Niels as Managing Partner

Oxera has announced the appointment of Dr Gunnar Niels as its next Managing Partner. Gunnar succeeds Dr Helen Jenkins following completion of her successful five-year term. Helen will continue to play an important role in Oxera’s leadership team. Gunnar has been… Read More

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Digital Markets Act risk reducing choice and quality for consumers

Oxera’s analysis of proposed amendments to the Digital Markets Act by the European Parliament and the European Council finds that while many of the changes could provide benefits for some businesses, they often overlook the negative impact on end-users. In early 2022, the European Commission (‘the Commission’), European Parliament… Read More

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Oxera appoints competition Partner in France

Dr Hélène Bourguignon joins one of Europe’s top competition practices to lead its team in France. We are delighted to announce that Dr Hélène Bourguignon is joining Oxera this week to head up our expanding team in Paris. Hélène has more than 15 years’ experience in Competition Economics. She… Read More

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Oxera’s senior team continues to grow in Brussels and the UK

Oxera announces the promotion of Stéphane Dewulf to Partner and Katie-Lee English to Principal. Today we celebrate the success of two talented economists who have been promoted and join Oxera’s senior team in Brussels and the UK. An expert in competition economics, Stéphane Dewulf has over 15 years’ experience… Read More

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European regulation of digital markets puts future innovation at risk

The latest empirical evidence from Oxera shows that ex ante regulation could reduce expenditure in innovation by up to €3.4bn per year and stifle new services for consumers In December 2020, the European Commission proposed new regulation known as the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in which it stated that… Read More

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