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Oxera welcomes two joint Chief Operating Officers to the leadership team

Oxera today announces the appointment of two Chief Operating Officers, Deborah Stump and Andrew Judt. Andrew Judt and Deborah Stump’s new roles and partnership are set to enable significant growth for the economics consultancy. They will be working together as a COO team, bringing their complementary skills and… Read More

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Evidence from trials conducted by Heathrow and major airlines shows that a COVID-19 testing regime would help international travel to restart sooner

The study is the first independent analysis of real-world UK airport data collected from 71,000 tests using data from airline trials and testing at Heathrow over the last six monthsThe real-world findings from the airline trials involving American Airlines, British Airways, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic indicate that 74% of… Read More

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Insights from Oxera’s ‘The future of digital’ event

On 4 February 2021, economics and finance consultancy Oxera hosted a virtual roundtable discussion between regulators, platforms, advisers and academics on the future of digital. The discussion centred on how to ensure that consumers and businesses continue to enjoy the varied benefits that digital services unlock. The summary provides… Read More

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Which? launches landmark UK consumer case against Qualcomm

Oxera is acting as economic expert for Which?, the UK’s independent consumer representative, in a landmark UK collective action against US-based wireless technology firm Qualcomm. Qualcomm develops wireless technology and holds standard-essential patents (SEPs) that are necessary inputs for handset manufacturers wishing to implement cellular standards… Read More

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Au revoir to Pascale Déchamps

Oxera Partner Pascale Déchamps takes on a new role at the French Competition Authority. Pascale joined Oxera in 2013 and has made a remarkable contribution to the firm’s growth. Her expertise, experience and passion for economics have been recognised on numerous occasions by clients, regulators and judges, and formally by… Read More

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Contractual freedom and territorial exclusivity remain key to new content production and distribution in the AV sector

Oxera’s latest report shows that including AV within the scope of the EU’s 2018 Geoblocking Regulation—even with a requisite rights limitation—would erode the contractual freedoms that traders (including producers, distributors, cinemas and broadcasters) rely on to fund new content production and distribution. In 2016, Oxera published a report jointly… Read More

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Seasoned public policy expert joins Oxera

Peter-Carlo Lehrell joins Oxera as Senior Adviser and Director Oxera is pleased to announce that Peter-Carlo has joined Oxera’s leadership team as a Senior Adviser and Director, assisting the firm with international business development and strategy. Commenting on the appointment, Oxera Partner Sir Philip Lowe said: ‘We are very… Read More

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What’s new in the 2020 update to the Green Book?

Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) has reviewed the Green Book, which was last updated in 2018, to assess whether any changes need to be made. This note provides a high-level summary of HMT’s findings from this review, as well as any changes that it caused. The most interesting and material changes… Read More

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European regulation of digital markets puts future innovation at risk

Oxera’s latest report shows that regulation of digital markets risks disadvantaging European consumers and businesses. In June 2020, the European Commission made a series of proposals affecting digital markets. These proposals include a form of ex ante regulation, which has become known as the Digital Markets Act and is… Read More

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Oxera helps National Grid to achieve settlement in major cartel litigation

Multidisciplinary team of Oxera experts provide Claimant with critical support and analysis. In 2014, the European Commission issued the Decision that 11 producers of underground and submarine high-voltage power cables had operated a cartel at various times between 1999 and 2009. The Decision identified multiple elements to the infringement,… Read More

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