Depiction of Public Policy and Impact Assessment

Public Policy and Impact Assessment

An evidence-based approach to understanding change

Economics can help to shed light on the implications of change—whether it’s new government policy, commercial investments, or legislative or regulatory developments.

We provide decision-makers with a robust and evidence-based understanding of what might happen and how to act—or, if a change has already occurred, whether it is having the intended effects.

Unrivalled insight and robust advice

We combine creative economics with established methodologies, in-depth sectoral knowledge, and our thorough understanding of the policymaking process to provide unrivalled insight and analysis. By helping you to consider the needs of different groups and stakeholders, we can help to identify and mitigate any unintended consequences.

Your questions are unique, so we’ll work with you to establish an appropriately tailored response. We use a wide range of established economic and financial models, as well as the very latest data science and behavioural approaches, including:

  • econometrics—the estimation of economic relationships using real-world data;
  • cost–benefit analysis—a comparison of the economic costs and benefits of intervention or investment;
  • data science and ‘big data’ techniques—the use of algorithms to understand patterns
  • profitability analysis—understanding and explaining the way that firms make profits and benchmark those profits
  • efficiency analysis—identifying productivity gains and best practice within an industry
  • behavioural analysis—drawing on behavioural science, economics, and psychology to understand consumer behaviour and how to change it

Crafting influential impact assessments

We work with a wide range of clients and stakeholders, including the European Commission, governments and local authorities, non-governmental organisations, and firms. Our experience working across these diverse groups gives us unrivalled insight into a range of perspectives.

Communicating your message clearly is critical to engaging with your audiences. Our research and analysis can be communicated in several ways, including formal written reports, infographics, and slides featuring data visualisation and statistics.

We often support clients with outreach at industry events and in the media—and whatever our findings, we ensure that we communicate them in a language that all stakeholders can understand.

Oxera helped EFCTC by gathering data on HFC trade from a wide range of sources and combining this into one database that we could use for further analysis. They have provided us with great insights through high quality visualisation of the data and helped us to translate the key messages. We have enjoyed working with them and appreciated their quick responses to any questions we had, expertise and their professionalism. I highly recommend them

- Angelica Candido, Sector Group Manager EFCTC

Public Policy and Impact Assessment Insights

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