Sean is a member of Oxera’s Transport team. He specialises in impact assessments for new policies, regulations and infrastructure investments. Prior to joining Oxera, Sean worked in the UK Government Economic Service where he advised on a range of policy areas including transport, growth and industrial policy and the economics of taxation. He also advises clients on antitrust, regulatory economics and market design, particularly in the transport sector.

Selected project experience

  • Supported Boots Ireland in responding to an investigation by the labour market regulator (2019)
  • Analysis on the functioning of the current market framework for generic drug manufacturing in the UK (2019)
  • Advised a large financial services company in its response to a market study (2018)
  • Advised a large professional services company in response to a CMA market study (2018)
  • Acting as Deputy to an expert witness on port economics as part of the Public Local Inquiry in relation to the M4 Corridor around Newport scheme (2016–18)
  • Provided commercial advice to a major port owner on the impact of changes to charges on the downstream market (2017)
  • Analysed the impact of a change in indexation method in a regulated industry (2017)
  • Advice to a major European port authority on the effect of a new vertical agreement with terminal operators on competition (2017)
  • Management of a project to provide commercial advice to a UK bus operator on fare-setting (2017)
  • Advice to the Rail Supply Group on the economic impact of the proposed rail sector deal (2017)
  • Economic assessment of changes to a concession agreement covering ‘lifeline’ ferry services (2017)
  • Ongoing advice to Merck KGaA, supporting Oxera’s expert witness in the context of a Competition Appeals Tribunal case (2016–)
  • Provided advice on the pricing of port services as part of an ‘excessive pricing’ commercial dispute (2016)
  • Provided state aid advice to a consortium of property developers in the context of a complaint to the European Commission (2016)
  • Led analysis of the economic impact of a new scientific research facility to support an economic business case (2016)
  • Ongoing advice to an infrastructure operator in developing the economic evidence for its long-term vision (2016)
  • Quantification of the economic contribution of the rail industry in Scotland for Transport Scotland and the Rail Delivery Group (2016)
  • Led Oxera’s work investigating the competitiveness of the UK maritime sector for the UK Department for Transport (DfT) (2015)
  • Managed the production of a regulatory due diligence report for an investor in the maritime sector (2015)
  • Provided strategic advice to the DfT on long-term policy for rail infrastructure (2014–15)
  • Managed delivery of expert evidence for Arriva in its submission on the business case for a Quality Contracts Scheme (franchising of local buses) in Tyne & Wear (2014–15)
  • Advised a global business listings provider on the economic impact of complete information on communities (2014)
  • Advice on regulatory issues as part of a buy-side due diligence in the transport sector (2014)
  • Led an assessment of the economic impact of Air Passenger Duty for a client in the transport sector (2014)
  • Analysis for the Rail Delivery Group of the economic and fiscal contribution of the rail sector (2014 and 2015)
  • Led on the annual production of long-term fossil fuel price projections (coal, oil and gas) for use across government (2012–14)


  • MSc Economics, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK
  • BA (Hons) Economics, University of Reading, UK