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Ensuring the best market outcomes for all

From climate change to the continual expansion of digital platforms like Google and Facebook, companies and consumers face complex emerging challenges.

Well-designed regulation is central to these issues, laying down rules with the intention of shaping outcomes that will benefit society as a whole.

We’re at the centre of regulatory thought leadership around the world. Our team is trusted by both businesses and regulators to develop the right strategies to identify, respond to, and correct market challenges.

Facing new challenges

Whether you’re a regulated company, a firm facing new regulations (not least through the global call for decarbonisation, or looming legislation in digital markets), an investor, or a regulator or policymaker, we can offer you expert support and deep insight into these critical challenges.

We advise on all aspects of regulation across European and international markets, including:

  • regulatory policy design
  • regulatory and commercial strategy
  • business planning
  • cost and service performance benchmarking
  • productivity analysis, efficiency improvements, and input price inflation
  • cost of capital
  • regulatory accounting
  • incentives design
  • acquisitions and transactions
  • the impact of mergers on the regulatory regime
  • tariff setting

Your trusted partner

With so much experience on all sides of regulation—not to mention our deep cross-sectoral knowledge—our experts are trusted partners to firms and authorities alike.

Drawing on our knowledge of the entire regulatory process, we help companies to build robust cases to engage regulators, while assisting regulators themselves to design strategies and incentives that lead to optimal market outcomes.

We also support investors in regulated industries when they need to identify value drivers, enabling them to make informed decisions.

We assemble teams with the perfect combination of sectoral and technical expertise to help you reach your objectives. From regulatory and behavioural economics to financial analysis and modelling, benchmarking, and econometrics, we possess the knowledge and experience to successfully deliver your most complex and challenging assignments.

Our experience

Our regulation experts have extensive experience in reform of regulatory frameworks, price control reviews, appeals, and sector inquiries across Europe, delivering strategies based on robust economic analysis.

Thanks to our knowledge of regulators’ processes and priorities, they (and firms) can rely on our advice about the types of economic analysis, evidence, and arguments that will have the greatest impact.

Planning and delivery was exemplary and all reports of extremely high quality, exceeding our expectations. The Oxera teams’ communication throughout was excellent as were their interactions with ENA members, Ofgem and CMA. This was a major factor in enhancing the credibility of the work and ensuring engagement with internal and external parties throughout was constructive and influential.

- John Spurgeon, Head of Regulatory Policy, Energy Networks Association

Regulation Insights

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Navigating Merger Control

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