Depiction of Retail and Consumer

Retail and Consumer

From supply to buy: unlocking the retail journey

Leveraging insights from one retail market to another is a proven strategy to unlock profit.

Our retail experts understand the impact of regulation and competition policy, but also offer extensive cross-sectoral knowledge. This means we can secure the best outcome for your business.

Unlocking the black box of consumer behaviour

Understanding consumer behaviour is key to success in retail.

Consumers are complex, and understanding their choices is complicated. To be a market leader, you need to understand what drives their behaviour, and you need to be able to anticipate this behaviour accurately.

Behavioural economics combines behavioural science, psychology and economics, revealing why consumers do what they do, and predicting what they will do. Armed with this knowledge, you can take the correct decisions to drive growth today—and plan for tomorrow.

After all, really knowing your consumers and delivering excellent consumer outcomes is the best way to boost your bottom line.

Pinpointing the customers you want

Robust competition assessments in retail markets are informed by geo-spatial analysis: which consumers do you compete for, and where do you find them?

We are among the leading European experts in compelling geo-spatial economic analysis, from isochrones in Italy to catchment areas in Copenhagen.

Directing you to supply chain success

Our Retail experts provide insightful supply chain assessments, which can be vital in avoiding competition risk while also delivering commercial opportunities.

We analyse supply chains for e-commerce operations and physical retail, advising clients on supplier/retailer agreements—including complex selective distribution schemes.

Our experience

We’ve worked across a wide range of retail markets in Europe and the UK, for major players like Arriva, Carrefour, Co-op Group, Compare the market, Direct Line Insurance, Mastercard, Tayto Group, and Virgin Media.

Retail and Consumer Insights

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