Depiction of Transaction Advice

Transaction Advice

A clear and objective assessment

Any asset acquisition or sale comes with risks and opportunities, as well as sectoral and jurisdiction-specific regulatory obligations.

We provide investors and lenders with clear and objective assessments of the economic drivers that affect the value of any assets whose returns are underpinned by regulation, as well as advice on mitigating uncertainties before and after acquisitions.

We go beyond desk-based research, applying in-depth thinking and our extensive pan-European regulatory experience to provide you with a range of likely outcomes, enabling you to plan with confidence. The key skills we employ are:

  • regulatory finance
  • regulatory economics
  • business planning
  • financial modelling
  • demand modelling

A helping hand at every stage

We can support you through all phases of the due diligence process, from indicative bid through to binding bid—and beyond the sale to post-closure advice.

In the first step, we identify opportunities and screen markets, focusing on sector fit, your existing portfolio, and any changes in regulation, technology, environment, the macroeconomy, or demographics that may affect valuations.

In the second step, we analyse identified targets, focusing on the value drivers, risk factors, the competitive landscape, regulatory risks, and opportunities that affect valuations.

Finally, in the third step, we assist with the post-acquisition and management of the asset. In particular, we help by engaging regulators and public bodies, and strategising ways to respond to demand and supply shocks, such as how policy/regulatory and CAPEX cycles affect exit strategy timing and valuations.

We also assist with preparing vendor due diligence reports for the sale of regulated assets.

The benefit of regulatory experience

Our extensive experience of regulatory regimes across Europe mean that we can give you an edge in undertaking regulatory due diligence. Many different organisations have looked to us for help, including:

  • investors and advisors representing a fund or investment group—typically related to large-scale infrastructure sales or purchases—and seeking a clear understanding of the regulatory risk of a transaction (relating to both origination or acquisition of assets and/or managing assets post-acquisition)
  • financial and legal advisors in the investment team who need due diligence reports to help inform their valuation of a potential purchase

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