Avantika specialises in competition policy and litigation. She has provided economic advice to companies in relation to mergers, horizontal and vertical agreements, and abuse of dominance, including in the context of private litigation and investigations by the European Commission and other competition authorities in Europe and beyond. She has worked on these issues across a broad range of sectors. Avantika has particular expertise in issues involving intellectual property rights, having been involved in the leading cases on the IP/antitrust interface such as patent settlements in the pharmaceutical sector and standard-essential patent licensing. She is also an expert in damages quantification and has advised both claimants and defendants in cases arising from cartels, exclusionary conduct and patent infringements. Her clients include AstraZeneca, Dyson, Nokia, Nationwide Airlines, RWE, Skyscanner, Sandoz and Tesla.

Avantika is listed in the International Who’s Who of Competition Lawyers & Economists Future Leaders. She regularly speaks at antitrust conferences and is routinely involved in economics courses for EU judges and competition authorities across the globe.

Selected project experience

  • Advising a digital platform in the context of the launch of a new business model (2018–)
  • Expert advice in a dispute regarding a single branding agreement (2018–)
  • Advising on a dispute involving potential unfair pricing in the energy sector (2018–)
  • Advising a pharmaceutical company in an investigation by the UK competition authority (2017–)
  • Advising on a dispute involving potential unfair pricing in the water sector (2017–)
  • Advising a technology company in a dispute over royalty rates of its patents (2017–)
  • Advising a technology company in relation to an exclusionary abuse case (2017–)
  • Advising on an investigation into alleged information sharing in the Netherlands (2017–)
  • Advised Unwired Planet in its successful defence against antitrust allegations brought by Huawei in the context of a FRAND royalty dispute (2014–17)
  • Expert advice in a refusal-to-supply claim in the life sciences sector (2016)
  • Expert for a pharmaceutical company in an abuse of dominance litigation (2016–)
  • Advised Merck KGa in relation to the Competition and Markets Authority’s investigations into patent settlement agreements with GSK (2016–17)
  • Advised a third party in the context of the acquisition of O2 by H3G being investigated by the European Commission (2015–16)
  • Risk assessment for an electronic good manufacturer in the context of a new distribution system in Europe (2015–16)
  • Advice to Statoil Fuel & Retail in its acquisition of Shell’s fuel retail business, notified to the European Commission (2015–16)
  • Advised Skyscanner during its successful appeal against the OFT’s decision in the online hotel bookings case (2014–15)
  • Advised Tesla in its dispute with an upstream supplier in relation to the foreclosure effects of certain exclusivity provisions (2015)
  • Expert advice to purchasers of cathode ray tubes (CRTs) in relation to their claim for damages against the CRT cartel (2014–)
  • Advised AstraZeneca in defending against a damages claim by a generic entrant arising from an IP litigation (2013–15)
  • Advised parties involved in the European Commission’s investigations into patent settlement agreements with Lundbeck and Servier (2012–15)
  • Advised Pinewood Healthcare in relation to its damages claim against Reckitt Benckiser (2011–14)
  • Advised Nationwide Airlines in its damages claim against South African Airways following a finding of an abuse of dominance (2012–16)
  • Advice to Avon Cosmetics in relation to its claim against HMRC (2012–13)
  • Advised a regional water supplier on potential margin squeeze issues in the context of the transition to a more competitive water industry (2012­–13)
  • Advice to a sports business in relation to a contractual dispute, including a competitive assessment of its contract with a key supplier (2011–12)
  • Advice to RWE Dea in defending a claim for damages relating to its involvement in the paraffin waxes cartel (2010–13)
  • Assisted in preparing multiple expert reports for Nokia in its damages claim against the LCD cartel, lodged in US courts (2009–12)

Selected publications

  • Chowdhury, A. and Jenkins, H. (2018), ‘Inference or Evidence? The Uncertain Fate of Patent Settlement Agreements’, Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, 9:7, pp. 449–453.
  • den Boer, A. and Chowdhury, A. (2017), ‘The role of bidding data analysis in merger investigations’, Competition Law Journal16:2, pp. 129–33.
  • Chowdhury, A. (2017), ‘The notion of restriction of competition: economic prospects’, in D. Gerard, M. Merola and B. Meyring (eds), The Notion of Restriction of Competition: Revisiting the Foundations of Antitrust Enforcement in Europe, Global Competition Law Centre, College of Europe.
  • Droukopoulos, S, Chowdhury, A. and Johnson, M. (2015), ‘Most-favoured-nation clauses in the e-commerce sector: an economist’s point of view’, Competition Law Journal14:2, pp. 153–8.
  • Chowdhury, A. and Gaigl, A. (2016), ‘Economics of competition law and IP law’, in G. Pitruzzella and G. Musocolo (eds), Competition and Intellectual Property Law in the Pharmaceutical Sector: An International Perspective, Kluwer Law International.
  • Chowdhury, A. and Noble, R. (2013), ‘Estimating damages from the global LCD cartel: The role of economics’, Competition Law Journal12:4, pp. 468–76.


  • PhD Economics, Pennsylvania State University
  • MSc Quantitative Economics, Indian Statistical Institute
  • BSc Hons Economics, Calcutta University