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Dr Nicole Rosenboom : Principal

Nicole specialises in competition economics and antitrust damages. She has advised clients on determining the relevant market, dominant positions and abuse, and cartel damages claims. Her experience includes cases covering sectors such as agriculture, beer, energy, real estate (finance), supermarkets and the media. As well as studying economics, Nicole has taken courses on competition law. She brings a thorough understanding of the legal situation of any given case, and is experienced in advising clients and their legal representatives in a way that best meets their needs.

Nicole publishes regularly in professional journals in the field of competition law and economics, and often speaks at conferences. She has a PhD in Economics from the University of Amsterdam, focusing on cartels. Before joining Oxera, she worked for eight years as a senior competition researcher for a Dutch consultancy firm.

Nicole speaks English, and Dutch.

Tel: +31 (0)20 888 8385

Nicole's specialisms include:

professional experience

  • Advice to an international corporate in the context of a cartel investigation by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), relating to vertical constraints (2020–)

  • Advice to a group of claimants on cartel damages caused by the high-voltage cable cartel (2019–)

  • Advice to a pharmaceutical company on its complaint on abuse of dominance with the ACM (2019–)

  • Advice to VBO in the civil abuse of dominance proceedings against the property website funda (2012–19)

  • Advice to an investment fund on state aid risks for merger proceedings (2018)

  • Determining the relevant product market in a media sector for the ACM (2017–18)


  • Rosenboom, N. (2020), ‘Dissecting cartels: from discovery to damages’, PhD thesis, University of Amsterdam.

  • Rosenboom, N., den Boer, A. and de Valois Turk, M. (2019), ‘Kroniek economie in het mededingingsrecht 2018’, Markt&Mededinging 2019, 2, pp. 58–69.

  • Rosenboom, N. and in ’t Veld, D. (2019), ‘The Interaction of Public and Private Cartel Enforcement’, World Competition, 42:1, pp. 87–120.

  • Rosenboom, N. (2018), ‘De economische gereedschapskist voor het bepalen van inkoopmacht’, Tijdschrift Mededingingsrecht in de praktijk, October.

  • Braat, B. and Rosenboom, N. (2018), ‘Privaatrechtelijke handhaving van het mededingingsrecht en de collectieve schadeafwikkeling’, Tijdschrift voor Europees en economisch recht, 1.

  • Rosenboom, N., Kocsis, V. and Mulder, J.D. (2017), ‘Consumer damages for breach of antitrust rules: how to reach full compensation for consumers?’, Journal of Competition Law & Economics.


  • PhD Economics, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • MSc Economics, Tilburg University, the Netherlands

  • BSc Economics, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands

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