Portrait of Lola Damstra

Lola Damstra : Consultant

Lola is a member of Oxera’s Competition and TMT teams, specialising in competition and regulation. Her experience includes merger interventions, regulatory policy, pricing transparency, market reviews and auction design. She has worked with national European and international regulatory bodies, and major international fixed and mobile operators. Prior to joining Oxera, she was an Intern at the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission.

Lola speaks Dutch, English, and French.

Tel: +31 (0)20 899 1107

Lola's specialisms include:

professional experience

  • Assessment of the anticompetitive effects of a proposed merger between two fixed telecoms operators in Hong Kong (2018–)

  • Assisted in the evaluation of an economic submission as part of a Third Party Expert Determination in order to settle a wholesale tariff dispute between an MNO and an MVNO in the Netherlands (2018–)

  • Advice to Co-operative Group Limited on the pricing transparency of funeral services in light of a market investigation undertaken by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (2018)

  • Supported the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda in its review of electronic communications, developing and implementing regulatory remedies, through the use of consumer surveys and statistical modelling (2018)

  • Assessment of the economic value of coverage obligations in a 5G auction for ComReg, the Irish electronic communications and postal regulator (2018)

  • Assessment of the strategic value of spectrum as part of the development of a bid strategy for a telecoms operator in a 5G auction in Canada (2018)


  • MSc Economics, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • BSc Economics and Management, University of Paris II, France

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