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Dr Andrew Mell : Technical Adviser

Andrew is a member of Oxera’s Competition team. Before joining Oxera, he worked in academia as an economics fellow at the University of Oxford. He has over five years’ experience working as an economics consultant, advising a range of international clients on matters relating to competition law and intellectual property. He is a co-author of The Rough Guide to Economics (2014).

Andrew’s work focuses on economic analysis in the context of market investigations, litigation and merger proceedings. He has advised clients in numerous sectors including financial services, telecoms, technology, agriculture and post.

Andrew speaks English.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7776 6644

Andrew's specialisms include:

professional experience

  • Led on litigation support in consumer action against cryptoexchanges that delisted BSV to the detriment of holders in the UK (2022–)

  • Led on a market definition issue in a consumer action case defending BT against excessive pricing allegations (2021–24).

  • Led on an Open Banking Market Design paper commissioned by NatWest Bank (2023)

  • Led on examimation of the application of proposed Basel III reforms to small UK banks focused on the impact on SME lending. Commissioned by Allica bank. The report was covered in the FT.

  • Joint led on arbitration support to United Group in a dispute with the Republic of Serbia (2022–23)

  • Led on a response to FCA’s discussion paper on the impact of Big Tech’s entry into financial markets, commissioned by a major UK bank (2022–23)


  • Mell, A. and Shier, G. (2021), ‘Understanding competition in digital markets: new perspectives on old practices’, Competition Law Journal 20:3.

  • Radford, S., Mell, A. and Thevoz, S.A. (2019), ‘Lordy Me! Can donations buy you a British peerage? A study in the link between party political funding and peerage nominations, 2005–2014’, British Politics, pp. 1–25.

  • Mell, A. and Walker, O. (2014), The Rough Guide to Economics, Rough Guides.


  • DPhil Economics, University of Oxford, UK

  • MPhil Economics, University of Oxford, UK

  • BA PPE, University of Oxford, UK

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