Depiction of What is the role of the consumer in purpose-led business?

What is the role of the consumer in purpose-led business?


Dr Helen Jenkins

Guest author

Pascale Déchamps


A monthly podcast debating what it means to go Beyond the Bottom Line. Featuring Oxera experts and leaders in business and finance.

In our third Agenda Podcast, we discuss the roles that consumers play in purpose-led business.

Dr Helen Jenkins, Oxera’s Managing Partner and a leading expert in competition and litigation, discusses her belief that it’s essential for consumers to be at the heart of strategic business questions. Consumers genuinely care about how firms do business, and they make choices based on the firms’ choices about investment. Helen goes on to explain how true consumer engagement can give a business competitive advantage in the market.

Helen is joined by Pascale Déchamps, Partner and Head of Oxera in France, and Dr Luis Correia da Silva, an Oxera Partner who focuses on business sustainability.

Pascale disagrees with the idea that all consumer activity is driven by big ideals, but she also disagrees that consumers are completely passive and only concerned by price. She notes that businesses have a decision to make as to whether they facilitate or hinder consumers shifting towards more sustainable consumption. Luis expands on the discussion by the position of the consumer within the five-capital framework, before exploring the different techniques businesses might use to engage consumers.

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