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Dr Helen Jenkins : Partner

Helen has more than 25 years of professional experience in applying economic principles to issues of strategic importance for businesses, predominantly in the context of litigation and competition investigations. She has broad sectoral experience, including in energy, financial services, retailing, communications, media and pharmaceuticals. Helen has worked with a range of clients on the economic issues that underlie the application of the relevant competition legislation in the UK, elsewhere in Europe, Australia and the Middle East. She is a respected expert, appearing before courts and competition authorities in the USA, UK, Republic of Ireland, South Africa and Hong Kong. Her recent clients include Mastercard International, Microsoft, National Grid, Royal Mail, Intercontinental Exchange, and the Commonwealth of Australia. Helen has been listed in The International Who’s Who of Competition Lawyers & Economists since 2001, and in WWL Thought Leaders Global Elite – Competition Economists 2021, and is author of Economics for Competition Lawyers (Oxford University Press, second edition, 2016). She has also been a Trustee of the Swarovski Foundation, an independent charitable foundation that aims to support charitable projects across the areas of fostering culture and creativity, promoting wellbeing and human rights, and conserving natural resources (2014–18).

Helen speaks English.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7776 6603

Helen's specialisms include:

professional experience

  • Adviser to Mastercard on competition and regulatory matters Europe and Australia (2015–)

  • Leading Oxera’s economic advice to a major Hong Kong-based company on the implementation of the new Competition Ordinance (2015)

  • Leading Oxera’s economic advice to Scottish Power in the CMA energy market investigation (2014–16)

  • Adviser to Virgin Media in its complaint to Ofcom with respect to FAPL’s auction of EPL rights (2014–15)

  • Adviser to ICE on competition issues (2012–)

  • Advising a generic pharmaceutical company with respect to Article 101 investigations by the European Commission and the CMA (2012)

expert experience

  • Expert for the Commonwealth of Australia in the Federal Court of Australia with respect to injunctions relating to aripiprazole (2020-)

  • Expert evidence in the England and Wales High Court for National Grid and Scottish Power in their claim for damages with respect to purchases of power cables (2018–20)

  • Expert evidence for Standard Life Aberdeen in a confidential arbitration against Lloyds Banking Group with respect to a contractual dispute on the meaning of ‘material competitor’ (2018–19)

  • Expert evidence for the Hong Kong Competition Commission in a construction sector case at the Hong Kong Competition Appeal Tribunal (2018–19)

  • Expert evidence in the High Court for BritNed in its claim for damages with respect to its purchases of power cables (2018)

  • Expert evidence for Pfizer in the Federal Court of Australia with respect to injunctions relating to venlafaxine (2017–18)


  • Niels, G., Jenkins, H. and Kavanagh, J. (2016), Economics for Competition Lawyers, second edition, Oxford University Press

  • Jenkins, H., Niels, G. and Noble, R. (2013), ‘The South African Airways cases: blazing a trail for Europe to follow?’, chapter 7, in K. Moodaliyar and S. Roberts, The development of competition law and economics in South Africa, HSRC Press

  • Pilsbury, S. and Jenkins, H. (2010), ‘The Evolution of Effects-Based Analysis under the Competition Act 1998’, Competition Law Journal, 9:2, pp. 216–27

  • Marshall, N., Jenkins, H. and Niels, G. (2008), ‘The Price of Intellectual Property: What is FRAND?’, in Global Competition Review, The Handbook of Competition Economics: A Global Competition Review Special Report

  • Jenkins, H. and Niels, G. (2005), ‘Reform of Article 82: Where the Link between Dominance and Effects Breaks Down’, European Competition Law Review, 26:11


  • DPhil and MPhil Economics, University of Oxford, UK

  • BEc (Hons) Science and Economics, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

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