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Oxera appoints Dr Luis Correia da Silva as Chair

Dr Luis Correia da Silva has been appointed as Oxera’s next Chair. Luis follows on from Professor Anthony Julius, whose successful term began when Oxera became a partnership in 2013.

Working alongside Oxera’s Managing Partner, Dr Gunnar Niels, Luis will continue to support Oxera’s growing teams across Europe in applying economics to empower and help businesses and policymakers to successfully navigate traditional and emerging global conversations and challenges and understand their impact.

Luis has over 25 years’ experience in applying expertise in economics and finance to competition, regulation, strategic and policy issues across a wide range of industries.

Luis holds a doctorate in Economics and Finance from the University of Oxford and has published extensively in his areas of academic research. He provides strategic advice at board and executive level to companies, regulators and governmental departments across Europe, and speaks English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Luis has extensive experience of acting as an expert, providing oral and written evidence in regulatory, competition, state aid, litigation and arbitration proceedings, and has also directed many policy and research studies across a wide number of fields.

Dr Luis Correia da Silva says: ‘We are very grateful for Anthony’s excellent stewardship of the board in the crucial first years of the partnership and for the challenge and guidance that he gave to our senior team as we made important decisions about the direction and strategy of the business, all while sharing all his insights from decades of experience in business, law and academia.

I am enormously excited about the task ahead. Oxera’s reputation for integrity, high quality and great teamwork in economics and finance offers boundless opportunities for growth, helping our clients, whether they are companies, courts, governments or policymakers, achieve better outcomes in society.’

Dr Gunnar Niels said: ‘Luis embodies the essence of Oxera. He is incredibly passionate about how economics and finance help businesses to understand their impact beyond their bottom line—not only through bringing broader benefits to society, but also by becoming successful and sustainable in the long term. With Luis as Chair, Oxera’s strong board will continue to provide strategic vision and guidance to myself and the other Partners running our various teams across Europe.’