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Rebecca Vitelli : Senior Consultant

Rebecca is a member of Oxera’s Regulation and Market Design and Energy teams. She specialises in regulation and tariff modelling in the energy, water and motorway sectors. In particular, Rebecca has experience in working on various aspects relating to the Italian and European wholesale and retail energy markets, as well as energy networks.

She joined Oxera in 2020, after completing a double degree in economics in Italy and Belgium, where she focused on microeconomics, industrial organisation, regulation and European policy. Prior to joining Oxera, Rebecca worked at Enel, where she gained experience in wholesale electricity markets and European policy.

Rebecca speaks English, and Italian.

Tel: +39 06 90258093

Rebecca's specialisms include:

professional experience

  • Strategic advice on regulatory policy and finance issues to ARERA, the Italian regulator, on the future ROSS/TOTEX regulatory reform for all Italian energy networks (2021–)

  • Due diligence advice on Italian motorway assets (2023–)

  • Regulatory advice and tariff modelling on district heating reform in Italy (2023–)

  • Regulatory advice to a toll motorway operator in Italy (2023–)

  • Assessment of emergency measures in electricity and gas markets and analysis of proposed reforms on the electricity market design (2022–23)

  • Study on sustainable energy infrastructures, assessing electricity and gas markets and policy tools to support the energy transition in Italy (2022–23)


  • von Bebenburg, C., Vitelli, R., Mikovic, P., Robins, N. (forthcoming), ‘Incentivising behavioural changes: Subsidies vs regulation’, State Aid and the Energy Transition, Concurrences.

  • Macchiati, A., Mazzotta, A., Scianna, F. and Vitelli, R. (2023), ‘La sostenibilità nelle infrastrutture energetiche’, L’energia nella transizione, il Mulino.

  • Kristensen, J. and Vitelli, R. (2023), ‘Decoupling electricity and fossil fuel prices: bright idea or lights out?’, Agenda, April.

  • Macchiati, A. and Vitelli, R. (2022), ‘Le misure per contrastare la crisi del gas’, October.

  • Macchiati, A. and Vitelli, R. (2022), ‘Mercati del gas e transizione energetica’, Luiss School of European Political Economy, Working Paper 3/2022, 4 April.

  • Perna, P. and Vitelli, R. (2020), ‘Idrogeno, le proposte del regolatore tedesco e gli spunti per l’Italia’, August.


  • Double Degree Economics, Università LUISS Guido Carli and Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Italy and Belgium

  • BSc Economics and Management, Università LUISS Guido Carli, Italy

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