Portrait of Luigi Stammati

Luigi Stammati : Consultant

Luigi is a member of Oxera’s Financial Services team and Team Italy, within which he works across a wide range of sectors and services.

Luigi specialises in competition economics and market regulation (covering aspects such as mergers, the net cost of the universal postal service, follow-on antitrust damages, demand forecasting, public service obligations and interchange fees). Before joining Oxera, Luigi worked for over three years at an economic consulting firm in Madrid. He has assisted clients (both regulatory authorities and private companies) operating in various sectors, such as financial services, telecommunications and the postal and energy sectors, in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Luigi speaks English, Italian, and Spanish.

Tel: +39 06 90258092

Luigi's specialisms include:

professional experience

  • Advice to a major international payments scheme on the merchant indifference test methodology to inform the level of interchange fees (2020)

  • Advice to Mastercard on the acquisition of NETS (2020)

  • Support to a leading automotive lender in proceedings following on from the Italian Competition Authority’s investigation provisionally establishing the existence of a cartel in the automotive lending market. The project involved an assessment of the lending contracts stipulated by the automotive lender (2020)

  • Advice to ENI in the defence of an ongoing major litigation case involving airlines and airports. The project involves an assessment of the damages supposedly incurred by Alitalia as a result of excessive airport fees set by the Italian airports and paid to ENI by the airline, including establishing the passing on of such charges to the airline customers (2020)

  • Advice to Exor on the acquisition of GEDI (2020)

  • Advice to Banca Intesa Sanpaolo on the acquisition of UBI Banca (2020)


  • Alimonti, R., Mautino, L. and Stammati, L. (2020), ‘E-Commerce Growth: Competition and Regulatory Implications for the Postal Sector,’ in P.L.  Parcu, T.J. Brenna and V. Glass (2020), The Changing Postal Environment – Market and Policy Innovation, Springer.

  • Rodriguez Ovejero, J.M., Stammati, L. and Torres Figueroa, M.P. (2019), ‘The impact of piracy on the structure of the Pay TV market: a case study for Latin America,’ Journal of Media Business Studies, 16:1, pp. 40–57.

  • Ovington, T., Smith, R., Santamaria, J. and Stammati, L. (2017), ‘The impact of intra-platform competition on broadband penetration’, Telecommunications Policy, 41:3, pp. 185–196.


  • MSc in Specialised Economic Analysis – Economics of Public Policy, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, Spain

  • Laurea specialistica Political Science, LUISS University, Rome, Italy

  • Laurea triennale Philosophy, University ‘La Sapienza’, Rome, Italy

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