Stefan is a member of Oxera’s FOAD (follow-on antitrust damages), Analytics and Litigation teams, as well as Team Germany. His work involves applying quantitative techniques in a wide range of contexts, in particular cartel damages, as well as investigating how such techniques can be improved on in the face of current and future challenges. Stefan has several years’ experience in the field of damages litigation for dispute cases in Germany and other European countries, as well as for the World Trade Organization.

Selected project experience

  • Supported the litigation between car part producers and OEMs (2020)
  • Supported the litigation in the context of the European trucks competition infringement (2017–20)
  • Assessment of the competitive effects of a conglomerate merger in the German recycling industry (2019)
  • Assessment of the effects of coordination by producers of personal hygiene products (2018)
  • Assessment of the effects of coordination by producers of washing detergents (2017)
  • Assessment of the effects of coordination by German beer brewers (2016–17)
  • Quantification of damages from a power systems switchgear cartel (2016)
  • Assessment of the impact of non-smoking policies in Australia (plain packaging) (2014–15)

Selected publications

  • Kaul, A., Hagedorn, M. and Witte, S. (2016), ‘Arbeitsplatzeffekte einer umfassenden Förderung der Elektromobilität in Deutschland’, Nationale Plattform Elektromobilität.
  • Kaul, A., Pfeifer, G. and Witte, S. (2016), ‘The incidence of Cash for Clunkers: Evidence from the 2009 car scrappage scheme in Germany’, International Tax and Public Finance, 23, pp. 1093–1125.
  • Kaul, A., Pfeifer, G., Schieler, M. and Witte, S. (2013), ‘Skaleneffekte bei Verwaltungs- und Verfahrenskosten der Unfallversicherungsträger der öffentlichen Hand’ (‘Economies of Scale in Public Statutory Accident Insurance Funds in Germany’), Zeitschrift für öffentliche und gemeinwirtschaftliche Unternehmen, 4, pp. 271–284.
  • Schmidtchen, P., Koboldt, C., Helstroffer, J., Will, B., Haas, G. and Witte, S. (2009), Transport, Welfare And Externalities. Replacing the Polluter Pays Principle with the Cheapest Cost Avoider Principle, Edward Elgar.


  • PhD Economics, Saarland University, Germany
  • Master Economics and Politics, University of Freiburg, Germany
  • Politics and Public Administration (non-degree), Sciences Po (IEP) Paris, France
  • Bachelor Philosophy & Economics, University of Bayreuth, Germany