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Women in Economics

‘An equal world is an enabled world’. In honour of International Women’s Day 2020, which takes place on 8 March, this month’s Agenda  podcast is dedicated to women in economics.

The podcast explores the role of women in economics and what can be done to encourage young women to study and work in the field. We welcome back Dr Helen Jenkins, who is joined by Andreea Antuca and Enza Seminara. For this special edition of the podcast, we’re also delighted to welcome Mary Starks, Executive Director and expert in regulation and policy design at Ofgem, the energy regulator for Great Britain.

In February, before this podcast was recorded, we launched a survey of female economists worldwide, collecting a large number of responses and collating the insights here. We carried out the survey to get a better understanding of what drives our industry and the women who work in it. We received fascinating responses about the challenges that women economists face, who inspires them in the field, and what advice they would give to young women interested in joining the profession.
The survey results made for an animated conversation between our panel—gender equality, behavioural biases and even The Wolf of Wall Street were all mentioned.

economics is a field associated with real power, there is a number of really powerful people amongst senior economists and I think it’s really important we get a gender balance in this field right.
Mary Starks

One of the things that is harder for women is letting yourself take the space, and taking that step, taking that space, can be a very scary thing to do—but I think it’s a very important to encourage women to take those risks.
Dr Helen Jenkins

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