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Letter from the editor


Dear reader

Since launching Agenda as a monthly publication in 2005, it has been our ambition to provide you with engaging and relevant insights underpinned by economics as it applies to business, markets, law and regulation.

In addition to the articles penned by Oxera colleagues over the years, we have been lucky enough to welcome contributions from leading thinkers including Frédéric Jenny, Damien Neven, Mario Siragusa, Hannah Nixon, Diane Coyle, Martin Cave and Stephen Littlechild.

We are now in the next phase of Agenda’s evolution. Our audience is becoming more diverse—in thinking as well as demographically and geographically. Markets are evolving rapidly, as is technology and the way we consume information. Oxera works with clients around the globe, meaning that our reach, and the range of economic issues we engage with, is larger than ever before. What does all this mean for Agenda?

You will notice that this month’s issue of Agenda looks a bit different, with the introduction of photography and a layout designed to make the articles easier to read on your mobile or tablet. You will continue to receive three new articles each month that draw on the breadth and depth of Oxera’s thinking, expertise and network, as well as a recommendation from the extensive Agenda archive, which currently contains close to 700 articles. This monthly publication has been renamed Agenda in focus.

But this is just the start. Over the next few months, we will be growing our Agenda offering by introducing podcasts, video and short-form content alongside Agenda in focus. There will be more opportunities for you to hear from us on a range of new and exciting topics, as well as the most pressing economic issues of the day.

We want to make sure Agenda stays relevant for you. We are keen to hear your thoughts and your views on which topics you would like to see covered, so we welcome your feedback.

Best wishes

Matthew Johnson

Agenda Editor

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