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Seasoned public policy expert joins Oxera

Peter-Carlo Lehrell joins Oxera as Senior Adviser and Director

Oxera is pleased to announce that Peter-Carlo has joined Oxera’s leadership team as a Senior Adviser and Director, assisting the firm with international business development and strategy.

Commenting on the appointment, Oxera Partner Sir Philip Lowe said:

‘We are very pleased that such an experienced public policy practitioner is joining Oxera in this role. He will undoubtedly make an important contribution to our work at a time when both business and government recognise a growing need for facts-based economics in all areas of policy.’

Peter-Carlo founded and for 20 years was Chairman of one of the most successful public affairs networks around the world. Having retired from that role earlier this year, Peter-Carlo will now channel his considerable abilities and experience to aid the international growth and development of Oxera. Before his successful career in professional public affairs, he worked in finance, insurance, and various other consulting roles. Peter-Carlo remarked:

‘I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help Oxera at a time of so much opportunity for professional economics. Over many years working as a public policy adviser, I have come to believe that only evidence built on careful analysis is in the public interest. Sound science and economics are once more gaining ground in decision-making everywhere. Oxera’s long history, coming as it does from one of the greatest centres of academic tradition in the world, places the firm in a unique position to take advantage of the growing need for independent financial and regulatory economics.’

Peter-Carlo is also internationally known for his work over decades in the field of competition policy. In recent years, he has advised some of the world’s largest and most successful companies on antitrust cases, mergers and acquisitions, and state aid matters. ‘Peter-Carlo’s reach in this area aligns perfectly with Oxera’s vision, as we see significant growth in the use of economic and financial analysis in competition matters,’ said Oxera Partner Nicole Robins, Head of our State Aid Practice in Brussels.

A gifted linguist, born in Italy of German and Belgian parentage, educated in Britain and in the United States, who splits his family time between Italy and the Republic of Ireland, Peter-Carlo personifies Oxera’s European footprint with a global outlook. Before his successful career in professional public affairs, Peter-Carlo worked in finance, insurance and in various other consulting roles. Commenting on the announcement, Managing Partner Dr Helen Jenkins said:

‘We are very excited to have Peter-Carlo as part of our international team. Peter-Carlo brings his extensive knowledge and an unrivalled passion to enhance Oxera’s European and wider international presence. We have worked together on many projects over the years and are now looking forward to this new chapter in our relationship.’

Contact: Stevie Dixon, Senior Marketing and Business Development Manager