Liberty Global commissioned Oxera to investigate the benefits of their investment in Europe. Oxera's report discusses the social benefits identified. 

The digital economy is expanding at a rate seven times that of the rest of the economy, meaning that high-quality broadband networks are critical to modern economies. As well as providing consumers with communication and entertainment services, fast and reliable broadband increases the productivity of businesses and provides individuals with access to substantial information and learning resources. This importance is set to increase over time as demand for high-speed digital services grows, with new applications such as ultra-highdefinition and 4k video streaming, virtual reality, cloud services and the Internet of Things (IoT) driving higher demand for bandwidth.

Liberty Global has made significant investment in the reach and capability of its broadband cable network in the four years since the start of 2013. Oxera has conducted an economic impact assessment of these investments to better understand and quantify the economic effects on consumers, employees and businesses in Europe.

We find the Liberty Global’s cable broadband investments are generating significant benefits with the speed, productivity and competition benefits generating 49% social return in the EU.

The full report can be found here, and Liberty Global's press release on the report here