Robin specialises in quantifying damages. He led the Oxera team that worked together with DG Competition to develop a handbook to aid quantification of antitrust damages. He has a wide range of experience in damages matters, working on cases in the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Germany and South Africa. He has been active on more than 30 of these cases in recent years, including cartel damages, exclusionary cases, and breaches of contract. Notable examples include working with Nokia in its claim against the LCD cartel, and acting for RWE Dea in defending a claim for damages related to its involvement in the paraffin waxes cartel. Robin has testifying and cross-examination experience, and has been formally appointed as expert in several cases. Robin also specialises in competition economics. Recent work in the field has included providing advice on mergers at the European Commission, UK Competition and Markets Authority, and South African Competition Tribunal in sectors such as retailing, aviation, rail, wholesaling, water, forestry and mineral extraction. He is listed in The International Who’s Who of Competition Lawyers & Economists 2016, and has acted as reviewer on publications such as European Journal of Law and Economics.

Selected project experience

  • Advising around 300 defendants in the context of a claim for a breach of statutory duty in the context of the EU Environmental Information regulation (2013–15)
  • Advising a manufacturer of consumer goods in quantifying its claim against an EU member state government under Bilateral Investment Treaty obligations (2014–)
  • Estimated the quantum of damages caused to a client due to the exclusionary behaviour of its main competitor (2011–13)
  • Expert testimony in the UK Tax Tribunal on behalf of Avon Cosmetics in a dispute with the UK tax authorities regarding VAT (2012–14)
  • Adviser to National Grid in its follow-on damages claim against the gas-insulated switchgear cartelists Siemens, ABB and Areva (2010–14)
  • Carried out the quantification of damages for claimants in the London High Court damages action following on from the European Commission’s finding of a cartel in air cargo (2010–)
  • Adviser to Thomas Cook on its acquisition of the high-street travel businesses of the Co-operative Group Limited and the Midlands Co-operative Society (2010–11)
  • Advised on the European Commission’s phase 1 clearance of the acquisition by Veolia Water of United Utilities’ international water outsourcing business (2010)
  • Assessed the size of damages that could potentially be claimed against a defendant in a cartel damages action (2009–13)
  • Assisting RWE Dea in its defence against a claim for damages, in the context of its participation in the paraffin waxes cartel (2009–11)
  • Acted as economic expert in a South African grocery wholesaler merger; cross-examined in the Competition Tribunal (2009)
  • Providing analysis to Nationwide Airlines in an abuse-of-dominance case before the South African Competition Tribunal, against South African Airways (2009)
  • Quantifying follow-on damages for Nokia against the LCD cartel (2008–13)
  • Advice to the Co-operative Group Limited in its merger with Somerfield (2008)
  • Providing expert analysis to defend the South African Forestry Company against allegations of excessive pricing (2007–08)
  • Advising easyJet in various competition law disputes with airports across Europe (2006–07)
  • Providing analysis for Nationwide Airlines for a damages claim against South African Airways regarding anticompetitive practices (2006–08)
  • Providing advice and analysis to the South African Competition Commission in its case against alleged exclusionary agreements between British American Tobacco and retailers (2006–08)
  • Economic advice to the Co-operative Group in its merger with United Co-operative, cleared by the OFT at Phase 1 (2007)
  • Advising the Co-operative Group during the UK Competition Commission’s review of the groceries market (2006–07)

Selected publications

  • Noble, R., Bell, J. and Shah, K. (2017), ‘Class actions: the mobility scooters case’, Competition Law Journal, 16:3, pp. 221–230.
  • Niels, G. and Noble, R. (2014), ‘Quantifying Antitrust Damages – Economics and the Law’, chapter in K. Hüschelrath and H. Schweitzer (eds), Public and Private Enforcement of Competition Law in Europe: Legal and Economic Perspectives, ZEW and Springer.
  • Jenkins, H., Niels, G. and Noble, R. (2013), ‘The South African Airways cases: blazing a trail for Europe to follow?’, chapter 7, in K. Moodaliyar and S. Roberts, The development of competition law and economics in South Africa, HSRC Press.
  • Niels, G., Noble, R. and Haanperä, T. (2011), ‘Quantifying Antitrust Damages: The Economics and the Law’, Kilpailuoikeudellinen vuosikirja 2011, pp. 153–72.
  • Noble, R. (2010), ‘Antitrust damages quantification: towards practical guidance for European courts’, Global Competition Litigation Review, April.


  • MSc Politics of the World Economy, London School of Economics, UK
  • BSc Economics, University of Bristol, UK