Peter joined Oxera’s Modelling team in May 2011, and is applying quantitative techniques to economic issues in a variety of settings, in areas such as impact assessment, antitrust and litigation.

Prior to joining Oxera, Peter worked as a research assistant at the Centre for Market and Public Organisation at the University of Bristol.

Selected project experience

  • Quantified the impact of sections of the UK healthcare sector on the NHS and the UK economy (2016–17)
  • Developed a framework for understanding long-term drivers of government revenue and expenditure for the States of Jersey (2017)
  • Provided telecoms sector-specific evidence to the UK House of Lords inquiry into trade in services post Brexit (2017)
  • Data harvesting, econometric analysis and litigation support for a UK construction-sector company (2011–17)
  • Estimated the impact of additional investment in R&D infrastructure for a research centre in the UK (2016–17)
  • Developed a framework for quantifying the impact of Brexit scenarios on UK mobile network operators’ roaming services (2016)
  • Assisted a global technology company with a multi-jurisdictional cartel damages litigation (2015–)
  • Quantified the economic impact of business listings information in multiple countries for a global business listings provider (2015)
  • Estimated the economic impact of additional space-sector investment for a major European satellite and communications provider (2015)
  • Assisted Royal Mail on aspects of commercial strategy and regulatory interaction with Ofcom (2014)
  • Estimated the economic impact of complete information on communities, for a global business listings provider (2014)
  • Provided a state aid and business planning model to a national communications infrastructure owner (2013–14)
  • Assisted a UK-based utilities company with analysis of data relating to a global cartel (2013–14)
  • Contributed economic and technical analysis in an abuse of dominance case in Spain (2013)
  • Undertook analysis of pricing principles and methodologies of NGA broadband networks for ComReg (2011–13)
  • Assisted a global telecoms company in estimating the damages caused by a competitor with its exclusionary act in Italy (2012)
  • Economic assessment of an alternative investment scheme for Next Generation Access (NGA) networks, for CityFibre UK (2012)
  • Provided economic advice to a European utility owner on approaches to valuation of third party access to physical infrastructure (2012)
  • Provided assistance to the Irish telecoms regulator on the development of an ex ante competition framework for spectrum trading (2012)
  • Econometric analysis of damages to a global high-tech company as a result of a global cartel (2011–12)
  • Assisted Vodafone UK with research and analysis of co-investment schemes for NGA broadband networks (2011–12)
  • Conducted econometric research on the effect of early life exposure to the Clean Water reform in Mexico on test score outcomes of 15-year-olds, for WaterAid, UK (2011)
  • Provided economic evidence of the benefits of High Speed Rail and Aviation hubs for the UK Department for Transport (DfT) (2009)
  • Developed an economic framework for an internationally comparable performance measure for passenger and freight gateways for the DfT (2009)
  • Provided engineering design, capacity planning, deployment, vendor evaluation and project management input to Next Generation optical network roll-out across European cities for VTL Wavenet, UK (2007)
  • Led the engineering design, deployment and commissioning for a metropolitan fixed line backhaul for Vodafone Hutchison Australia (2004)

Selected publications

  • Noble, R., Blankertz, A. and Gerrish, P. (2013), ‘Screening for cartels’, prepared for Seventh Annual Conference on Competition Law, Economics & Policy, 21 August.


  • MSc Economics, University of Bristol
  • PG Diploma Economics, University of Bristol
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Communications) (Hons), RMIT University, Australia