Ilaria is a member of Oxera’s Competition and Modelling teams. She has advised clients in cases involving mergers, horizontal agreements, and abuse of dominance, including in the context of private litigation and investigations by the European Commission and other competition authorities in Europe and South America. She has worked on these issues across a broad range of sectors including communications, retail and financial services.

Before joining Oxera, Ilaria worked for two years at the UK Office of Fair Trading (now the Competition and Markets Authority, CMA). There, she was part of the Econometrics Team, where she focused on quantitative analysis in a range of competition cases. This included the fuel and energy market investigations, and a number of mergers.

Selected project experience

  • Advice to FCE Bank in the context of an ongoing Art 101 investigation by the Italian competition authority (2018–)
  • Advice to Co-op on its acquisition of Nisa, which was cleared at Phase I unconditionally (2018)
  • Advice to an Italian cement manufacturer in relation to an Article 101 investigation by the Italian Competition Authority (2017)
  • Advice to a technology company in relation to an exclusionary abuse case (2017–)
  • Advice to a large UK grocery retailer during investigations by the CMA regarding the acquisition of third-party convenience stores (2016–17)
  • Advice on the effect that information exchange had on container shipping charges set by a large international shipping company (2016–17)
  • Advice to ICE in the context of a phase II merger inquiry conducted by the CMA (2016–17)
  • Advice to a Chilean law firm on a damage quantification relating to a tissue paper cartel in Chile (2016)
  • Advice to Panda in the context of the Panda/Greenstar merger on waste disposal, cleared by the Irish Competition Authority (2016)
  • Advice to a third party to the Hutchison/Vimpelcom proposed merger in the Italian mobile market, currently in phase II at the European Commission (2016)
  • Advice to Mastercard on the preparation of economic evidence during the damages trial with Sainsbury’s on interchange fees (2015–16)
  • Advice to Mastercard on the response to a Statement of Objection at the European Commission on inter-regional interchange fees (2015–16)
  • Advice to Statoil Fuel & Retail in its acquisition of Shell’s fuel retail business. The transaction was cleared at phase I by the European Commission following remedies (2015–16)
  • Advice in a review of econometric expert reports submitted in a commodities market cartel damages case (2014–16)
  • Provided economic and econometric support to an international logistics company following allegations brought by the French Competition Authority (2014–)
  • Econometric analysis of cost pass-through in the context of the Energy Competition Review (2013–14)
  • Ex post evaluation of a Phase I merger Decision in the road fuel market to assess the effects of the Decision. The work won the John Hoy Memorial Award for the best piece of written economic analysis produced by a government economist (2014)
  • Provided analysis and advice to inform market definition on a range of litigations in the pharmaceutical sector (2013)
  • Econometric analysis in the context of a number of Phase I merger reviews in the retail sector (2013)
  • Analysed the relationship between market concentration and price in the context of the OFT road fuel market investigation (2012)


  • Déchamps, P. and Fanton, I. (2018), ‘The economics of dynamic markets: a focus on merger control’, in D. Gerard, E. Morgan de Rivery and B. Meyring (eds), Dynamic Markets, Dynamic Competition and Dynamic Enforcement, GCLC Annual Conference Series, Bruylant.


  • MSc Economic and Social Sciences, Bocconi University, Milan
  • BA International Economics and Management, Bocconi University, Milan