Portrait of Frank Rodriguez

Frank Rodriguez : Associate

Frank specialises in postal sector economics and regulation. Formerly Chief Economist at Royal Mail, he advised the company for more than ten years on economic issues relating to the postal sector, representing Royal Mail in its relationships with stakeholders including the government and the regulator, and managing and leading its team of in-house economists. He has led or participated in projects across a wide range of subjects in postal economics, including the demand for mail, competition modelling, the structure and operation of price controls, access pricing, and universal service. He has been an Associate at Oxera since 2010, working on a range of projects on postal economics and USO-related issues. Frank has published extensively in the postal economics literature, co-authoring articles with leading academics in the field and former colleagues at Royal Mail.

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Frank speaks English.

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 253000

Frank's specialisms include:


  • Cazals C., Magnac, T., Rodriguez, F., Pope, J. and Soteri, S. (2020), ‘Has the Covid pandemic accelerated the rate of decline of business letters? Some early and preliminary thoughts and analysis’, 28th Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics, online, 4 December.

  • De Donder, P., Rodriguez, F. and Soteri, S. (2018), ‘The impact of increasing competition for non-contract parcels on postal prices and efficiency decisions’, in P. Parcu et al. (eds), New Business and Regulatory Strategies in the Postal Sector, Springer.

  • Cazals, C., Magnac, T., Rodriguez, F. and Soteri, S. (2018), ‘To what extent has e-substitution impacted the demand for letters and which factors are constraining its advance’, in P. Parcu et al. (eds), New Business and Regulatory Strategies in the Postal Sector, Springer.

  • De Donder, P., Rodriguez, F. and Soteri, S. (2018), ‘Pricing and efficiency decisions for letter and parcel markets when industrial relations matter’, in P. Parcu et al. (eds), The Contribution of the Postal and Delivery Sector, Springer.

  • Rodriguez, F., Soteri, S. and Tobias, S. (2017), ‘E-substitution and the demand for business mail in the UK: Trends and Prospects’, in M.A. Crew et al. (eds), The Changing Postal and Delivery Sector, Springer.


  • MSc London School of Economics, UK

  • MA University of Manchester, UK

  • BA Economics University of Manchester, UK