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Walter’s research examines intrinsic market uncertainty, arising from stochastic demand as a consequence of incomplete information about consumers’ valuations or preferences. He is a co-editor of The Manchester School, and has been considered ‘One of the world’s leading competition economists’ by Who’s Who Legal: Consulting Experts since 2016.

Academic positions

  • Associate Professor/Reader, Birkbeck College, University of London (2003–)
  • Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellowship of the European Commission, University College London (2002–03)
  • Assistant Professor in Economics, University of Florida (2000–03)

Policy positions

  • Member of the UK CMA’s  Academic Panel (2016–)
  • Academic Adviser of the OECD Competition Division (2015–17)
  • Nuffield Trust Steering Group, Competition in Health Care Markets (2011–)
  • Member of the Economics Reference Group, Co-operation and Competition Panel, NHS (2009–)
  • Member of Oxera Economics Council (2007–)
  • Member of the UK Competition Commission’s Academic Council (2007–)
  • Research Associate, Institute for Fiscal Studies, London (2003–)
  • Research Associate, Public Policy Research Center, University of Florida (2000–03)
  • Economic Adviser, Competition Commission (2002–07)

Research interests

  • Applied and theoretical econometrics and statistics
  • Microeconomic theory
  • Empirical industrial organisation and competition economics
  • Economics of the Internet, network economics
  • Health economics

Selected publications

  • Beckert, W. (2020), ‘A Note on Specification Testing in Some Structural Regression Models’, Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice (cemmap) working paper CWP22/19; and Oxford Bulletin in Economics and Statistics82:3, pp. 686–695.
  • Beckert, W. (2018), ‘An Empirical Analysis of Countervailing Power in Business-to-Business Bargaining’, Review of Industrial Organisation, 52:3, pp. 369–403, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11151-017-9607-7.
  • Beckert, W. (2018), ‘Choice in the Presence of Experts: The Role of General Practitioners in Patients’ Hospital Choice’, Journal of Health Economics, 60, July, pp. 98–117.
  • Beckert, W., Christensen, M. and Collyer, K. (2012), ‘Choice of NHS-funded hospital services in England’, The Economic Journal, 122:560, pp. 400–17.
  • Beckert, W. (2010), ‘A Micro-Economic Approach to Geographic Market Definition in Local Retail Markets: Demand Side Considerations’, Economics, 3:2010-29, pp. 1–32, 6 October.
  • Beckert, W. and Mazzarotto, N. (2010), ‘Price-Concentration Analysis in Merger Cases with Differentiated Products’, Economics, 4:2010-16, pp. 1–23, 12 May.
  • Beckert, W. and McFadden, D.L. (2008), ‘Maximal Uniform Convergence Rates in Parametric Estimation Problems’, Econometric Theory, 26:2, pp. 469–500.
  • Beckert, W. and Blundell, R. (2008), ‘Heterogeneity and the Non-parametric Analysis of Consumer Choice: Conditions for Invertibility’, The Review of Economic Studies, 75:4, pp. 1069–80.
  • Beckert, W. (2007), ‘Specification and Identification of Stochastic Demand Models’, Econometric Reviews, 26:6, pp. 669–83.
  • Beckert, W. (2004), ‘Competitive Externalities in Dynamic Monopoly with Stochastic Demand’, The B.E. Journals in Theoretical Economics, 6:1, Article 17.
  • Beckert, W. (2005), ‘Estimating Stochastic Preferences: An Empirical Analysis of Demand for Internet Services’, The Review of Economics and Statistics, 87:3, pp. 495–502.
  • Beckert, W. (1999), ‘An Econometric Model for Service Choice and Utilization’, invited talk, Annual Workshop of the UC Berkeley Internet Demand Experiment (INDEX), in L. McKnight and J. Wroclawski (eds), Internet Service Quality Economics, MIT Press.


  • PhD Economics, University of California, Berkeley
  • MSc Economics, University of California, Berkeley
  • Diplom in Volkswirtschaftslehre, Universität Bonn, Bonn, Germany
  • Vorlizentiat in Ökonomie, Universität Basel, Switzerland