Portrait of Carlotta von Bebenburg

Carlotta von Bebenburg : Senior Consultant

Carlotta is a member of Oxera’s Energy team and Team DACH, working across the areas of regulation, market design and competition. She supports energy clients on regulatory design, cost assessments and network tariffs, as well as abuse of dominance, mergers and state aid. Additionally, she has experience of calculating follow-on damages in cartel cases. Carlotta has taught on the topic of regulatory incentives at Oxera’s Utility Finance course and on economic tools for calculating cartel damages at the Academy of European Law (ERA). Prior to joining Oxera in 2017, she worked at another economics consultancy where she specialised in market and auction design in the telecoms and energy sectors.

Carlotta speaks English, and German.

Tel: +49 (0) 30 76759 9118

Carlotta's specialisms include:

professional experience

  • Study on the functioning of the EU gas market for the Intercontinental Exchange, including follow-up stakeholder interactions (2022–)

  • Impact assessment of the Electricity Generator Levy for a UK onshore wind developer (2023)

  • Study on the decarbonisation risks of a lack of investment in gas infrastructure for a consortium of New Zealand gas networks (2023)

  • Advice to a GB energy supplier on prudential regulation (2022)

  • Review of Ofgem’s role in relation to energy supplier failures (2022)

  • Market design options for the inclusion of negative emission technologies in the UK Emissions Trading Scheme for Drax Energy (2021–22)


  • Shamsi, S. and von Bebenburg, C. (2022), ‘The evolution of carbon removal markets and negative emissions’, The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies – forum, June, Issue 132, pp. 69–73.

  • von Bebenburg, C., Brunekreeft, G. & Burger, A. (2023), ‘How to deal with a CAPEX-bias: fixed-OPEX-CAPEX-share (FOCS)’, Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft, 47:1, 7 April, pp. 54–63.


  • MSc Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

  • BSc Economics and Mathematics, University of Bristol, UK

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