Adriano is a member of Oxera’s Competition and Regulation teams, and specialises in competition analysis, regulatory economics and microeconomics. He graduated with an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science in July 2014, where he specialised in industrial organisation, econometrics and microeconomics. Prior to this, he completed his undergraduate studies in Economics and Management at the University of Trento, Italy.

Adriano has advised a number of clients across a range of sectors on various regulatory and competition issues. His areas of focus include market investigations, antitrust and follow-on damages cases.

Selected project experience

  • Advice to a defendant in the media sector in relation to a number of antitrust follow-on damages claims, following an Article 101 investigation by the Italian Competition Authority (2019–)
  • Advice and economics support to Co-operative Group Limited in relation to the CMA’s investigation in the UK funerals market (2019–)
  • Advice to an operator in the Italian printing industry in relation to an alleged abuse of dominance claim by a customer in the media industry (2019–)
  • Advice in the context of merger control (2019)
  • Regulatory and strategic advice to the Italian Airports Association, the Naples Airport operator and a large Italian infrastructure investor in relation to a consultation by the Italian Transport Authority in the aviation sector (2019)
  • Assessment of the market for generic medicines in the UK for the British Generic Manufacturers Association (2018–19)
  • Analysis and policy note on airport-to-airline incentive regimes for the Italian Airport Association (2019)
  • Support to cable producers in the context of actual or potential damages claims in relation to an Article 101 violation (2018–19)
  • Regulatory vendor due diligence advice for a gas network in Northern Ireland (2018–19)
  • Design of a light-touch regulatory regime for Naples Airport (2018–19)
  • Market power assessment for Naples Airport (2018)
  • Advice to a large Italian electricity network operator in relation to an investigation by the Italian Competition Authority (2018)
  • Support to an Italian postal operator on market definition for the purposes of a universal service obligation (2018)
  • Advice on cartel overcharge analysis in the Brazilian construction sector (2017)
  • Support to an Italian operator in the cement industry in relation to an Article 101 investigation by the Italian Competition Authority (2017)
  • Advice to a UK government department on future strategy and policy (2017)
  • Advice on an abuse of dominance case in the health sector (2016)
  • Quantitative analysis to estimate the value added of brand-protection services for a global brand-protection service provider (2016)
  • Economic analysis for a local merger in a UK retail sector (2016)
  • Analysis supporting a damages claim for a French telecoms operator (2015)
  • Data analysis supporting a cartel damages claim for a global tech company (2015)
  • Big data and econometric analysis for an online platform on the effects of attributes on the performance of business listings (2015)
  • Scenario modelling as part of a CMA investigation of a merger in the water sector (2015)
  • Advice to the States of Jersey on a revised institutional framework for the Jersey Competition Authority (2015)


  • MSc Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
  • BA Economics and Management, University of Trento, Italy