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The regulation of licensed taxi and PHV services in the UK

Following the results of the pilot survey and testing of the design using Monte Carlo simulation techniques, a robust design was finalised and 2,060 respondents from across Great Britain took part in the survey. The results were analysed using discrete choice modelling techniques, such as conditional logit to obtain estimates of consumers' valuations of different attributes of a taxi service. Estimates of consumers' valuation of walk and wait time were obtained as well as valuations for alternative forms of vehicle and reliability of taxis (proxies for the quality of taxi services). These estimates were analysed by a selection of market segmentations, such as age, income and availability of a car.
The executive summary, associated literature review and annexes 'Modelling the effects of taxi regulation' (Annex H) and 'Consumer survey report' (Annex I) can be downloaded here by clicking on the link below.
The full report can be found on the Office of Fair Trading's website.


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