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Market power in digital platforms

The influence of digital platforms has expanded significantly over the past decade. Some of today’s largest companies and best-known brands did not even exist 20 years ago. The innovative products, services and commercial opportunities that these digital power houses provide have become central to many aspects of modern-day life. While this might lead authorities to question the concentration of market power within these platforms, the wealth of value they provide to European consumers and businesses should not be overlooked. It is crucial that competition policy be applied thoughtfully in these transformative markets.

In response to the European Commission’s call for contributions to its one-day conference, Shaping competition policy in the era of digitisation, we examine how the changing digital landscape is challenging the concept of market definition and market power, and how the European Commission can take measures to ensure a well-balanced and effective solution to any competition issues identified with digital platforms.

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Key Contact

Felipe Flórez Duncan

Managing Partner

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