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State Aid Assessment and Evaluation

A primary objective of the State Aid Modernisation initiative was to improve the “assessment of genuine market failures, the incentive effect and the negative effects of public interventions”. In addition, the Commission intends to request ex-post “evaluation” of implemented State aid schemes. Due to these new requirements, State aid experts struggle with the application of the evaluation methodologies necessary for the rightful implementation of their measures. The purpose of this seminar is to explain how ex-ante assessment and ex-post evaluation of State aid measures can be effectively achieved with the use of well-established methodologies.

In this 2-day intensive training, experts will examine the concept of assessment and evaluation of State aid measures and present examples on how to apply various methodologies to projects.

Oxera Principal, Nicole Robins, has been asked to speak at this conference, which will take place in Brussels on 30 May. For more information, please see here

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