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Negotiating Brexit

Oxera Partner, Luis Correia da Silva, will be speaking at the 'Negotiating Brexit' event at St Hugh's College, Oxford, on Friday 17 March. 

This conference will bring together leading academics, practitioners and policymakers who are involved in ‘Negotiating Brexit’. Their unifying perspective will be the interests of the UK and how to best realize them in the ensuing Brexit negotiations. The discussions will be divided into three sections: the first (‘Brexit Stakes’) will be concerned with what is at stake for the UK. The focus here will be on crucial policy fields such as financial services, corporate activity, and legal (dispute resolution) services. In the second section (‘Brexit Analytics’), the negotiating framework of Article 50 TFEU, political constraints on the negotiations and the WTO framework as an outside option will be analyzed. Finally, in a third section (‘Brexit Process’) negotiation specialists and mediators will discuss negotiation strategies and process design/management for ‘making Brexit a success’ – or at least avert a lose-lose outcome.

Luis will speak on Brexit Stakes in Financial Services. 

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