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2017 Global Private Litigation Faculty Conference

All roads lead to Amsterdam on May 7-8, 2017 for the inaugural Global Private Litigation Conference – and to insights into the continuing path of multi-jurisdictional and collective antitrust redress, presented by a world-class line-up of private plaintiff and defense litigators, as well as government enforcers, economists, corporate counsel, and academics from around the globe.

After years of uncertainty, global private antitrust enforcement, and especially follow-on cartel litigation, is poised to develop and proliferate at light speed.  Recent changes in the landscape extend beyond enhanced governmental antitrust enforcement to the specific implementation by December 2016, across the countries of the European Union, of the EU directive governing actions for damages for competition infringements.  These developments are echoing in shifting burdens of proof and presumptions of pass-on and injury, extended statutes of limitations, and collective actions and other devices for aggregating claims.  And private antitrust litigation already is on the rise with substantial actions brought in the UK, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, and elsewhere.

Featured programs will address topics including, among others, the private enforcement regimes in the "battleground" jurisdictions and the impact of Brexit; claims aggregation, claims assignment, and litigation funding techniques; pass-on and allocation; and structuring settlements in pursuit of "global peace."

Oxera Partner, Dr Gunnar Niels, will be speaking at this conference. To find out more, please see here. 

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