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The case of South Staffordshire/Cambridge: is clearer water emerging?




Depiction of Where next for RPI – X?
11 minute read

Where next for RPI – X?

With concerns around company outperformance and information asymmetries playing strongly on the minds of economic regulators, the UK regulatory model has moved on from the ‘fixed price’ paradigm of ‘RPI - X’. Regulators have looked to set more challenging price settlements, while also rebalancing risks within regulatory contracts to protect against windfalls. The model now resembles the rate-of-return approach it was intended to replace. Is this the right way forward? And what alternatives might there be? Read More

Depiction of Meaningful purpose in business
9 minute read

Meaningful purpose in business

What is the purpose of a business? Recent years have seen growing social, political and market pressures on business leaders worldwide to go beyond simply creating short-term value for shareholders. Utilitalia—the federation of Italian water, energy, and municipal waste companies—asked Oxera to explore how a wider purpose can be embedded within an organisation, and how performance could be monitored. Read More