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Renewable energy: low appetite for investment in low-carbon technologies?




Depiction of Left out in the cold? The UK cost-of-living crisis
11 minute read

Left out in the cold? The UK cost-of-living crisis

Surging oil and gas prices, coupled with climbing food costs, are weighing heavily on many economies. While this is a challenge for countries as a whole, the cost-of-living crisis is affecting different parts of society in different ways. Taking the example of the UK, we dig into the data… Read More

Depiction of RIIO-ED2 Draft Determinations
10 minute read

RIIO-ED2 Draft Determinations

On 29 June 2022, Ofgem published its Draft Determinations (DDs) for the RIIO-ED2 price control covering the electricity distribution (ED) sector. The regulatory cycle for the ED sector follows that for the transmission and gas distribution (GD&T) networks with a two-year lag, which means that the recently published DDs… Read More