Depiction of Competition economics course: state aid and FSR

Competition economics course: state aid and FSR

Date and time: Tuesday 24 September 2024, 14:00–18:00 CET
Spectrum, Boulevard Bischoffsheim 15, 1000 Brussels

State aid and foreign subsidies are a key topic, in the context of the green transition and the current debate around industrial policy. State aid rules are constantly evolving, and the Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR) entered into force last year.

However, the first principles and economic concepts that underpin these rules remain. During this course, you will learn more about the economics and finance tools used in the context of state aid compliance and control, and how economic and financial analysis could help with notifications under the new Foreign Subsidies Regulation.

This includes determining whether a measure confers an economic advantage (and therefore might constitute state aid) through the application of the Market Economy Operator Principle (MEOP) to various types of financial and commercial transactions. For those measures which are found to constitute state aid, economic and financial analysis can be important in demonstrating the compatibility of aid with the relevant guidelines and principles. We will therefore also cover the calculation of the funding gap of a large investment project, in order to determine the amount of aid that would be proportionate and limited to the minimum necessary, in addition to also assessing the distortive effects of the aid.

When it comes to the FSR, we will discuss the extent to which the tools used in MEOP assessments can be adapted to the context of foreign transactions. We will also discuss how economic and financial analysis could inform the assessment of the distortive effects, including in the context of the direct facilitation of concentrations.

The concepts and economic tools will be explained in a clear and non-technical manner, and illustrated by case studies based on Oxera’s experience.

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