About Oxera

Oxera goes beyond rigorous analysis to argue each case based on a depth of quality thinking, an inherently innovative approach, deep and wide contextual understanding, and a direct presentation style.

Quality thinking


  • Always seek to add something to current thinking
  • Different ways of looking at the same problem
  • Set new standards and approaches to analysis which others follow
  • Leadership respected for moving thinking on


  • Understand the bigger picture
  • Internal and external politics
  • Psychology of individuals
  • Macro and microeconomics around the issue


  • Direct
  • Concise
  • ‘This is how it is’ conviction

Together these make the Oxera difference. They help us to continue the economic debate. They ensure that we remain the people to whom companies, policymakers, regulators, lawyers and commentators turn on critical economics issues. Above all, they allow us to give you the best of Oxera every time.