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Oxera ranked as global #1 in antitrust litigation for the second year running

Oxera has once again featured in Global Competition Review’s Economics 21, the renowned and definitive assessment of the world’s leading economic consultancies. Each entrant is carefully selected subject to several entry requirements such as size of practice, reputation and work over the past year.

Oxera is proud to announce that, for the second year running, it has retained its position as market leader worldwide for anti-trust litigation. In the past year, Oxera has handled 52 competition litigation cases across a wide range of jurisdictions, including Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the USA. The mix of cases covers follow-on litigation and original actions, among others. Notable ones include advising Mastercard in its defence of large damages claims relating to interchange fees and advising Microsoft on its claims against the lithium-ion batteries cartel.
#1    #2
in anti-trust                                   in Government cases
2nd year running

Furthermore, Oxera has been ranked second for Government investigations. Over the last year the team has worked on more than 25 high-profile cases worldwide including the European Commission investigation into major Hollywood studios and Sky UK, for alleged anticompetitive conduct under Article 101 TFEU. The case concerns the inclusion of territorial sales restrictions by the studios in their contracts with Sky, preventing the cross-border sale of AV service within the EU (a practice known as ‘geo-blocking’). Additional high-profile cases have included advising Safran, Mastercard, McDonald’s, and The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Oxera also has a strong foothold in worldwide mergers, finishing sixth (out of 21) in this category. Led by Partner, Matthew Johnson, the mergers team has advised on seven cases that were subject to Phase 2 investigation: two in Brussels, four in the UK, and one in Ireland. We also advised on a large number of Phase 1 merger clearances in Brussels, Ireland, Pakistan, South Africa, and the UK; further demonstrating the firm’s global reach.

Meanwhile, Oxera’s state aid practice continues to grow. State aid expert, Nicole Robins and her team have advised on many cases in front of the European Commission, particularly in the transport and energy sectors, as well as acting as experts in multiple state aid litigation cases. Clients include Deutsche Bahn, EDF and Ryanair.

Commenting on the Economics 21 results, Partner, Robin Noble, who leads Oxera’s work in antitrust litigation, said: ‘It is a fantastic achievement for Oxera once again to be worldwide number one in anti-trust litigation and second for government cases. This reflects our commitment to integrity, insightful and innovative economics, and providing the best possible service to our clients.’

Oxera works closely with clients involved in antitrust cases, and their legal advisers, providing economic inputs to assess their case. We combine our economic expertise with sector insight to prepare expert reports and compelling testimony to courts and competition authorities. Where appropriate, we also help design remedies to suit the needs of clients while satisfying the requirements of the authorities.

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