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Helen Jenkins, Oxera Partner, nominated for Economist of the Year

For the sixth consecutive year, an Oxera Partner has been recognised in the GCR awards as a leading figure in competition economics. Dr Helen Jenkins has been nominated in recognition of her contribution to numerous high-profile cases in 2015. She has been involved in a number of behavioural matters including European Commission investigations into interchange fees (where she is advising MasterCard) and foreign exchange trading; and the Commission’s scrutiny of maintenance of engines for large passenger aircraft. The breadth of Helen’s expertise is evident from the wide range of other issues she has advised on in the UK. This includes advising Scottish Power in the energy market investigation; Royal Mail in Ofcom’s investigation into its pricing; and Virgin Media on the sale of football broadcasting rights. Helen has also advised a client in Hong Kong on the new Competition Ordinance, and has acted as an economic expert in a number of international cases, including for AstraZeneca in one of the seminal cases on damages arising from a patent dispute; and for Australia and New Zealand Banking Group in relation to overdraft charges.

Oxera also contributed to five of the cases nominated for an award, for either the defence or the prosecution.

  • Behavioural matter of the year (Agency)—Europe. Oxera advised corporate clients in two cases nominated for this award: the European Commission CDS investigation, and the European Commission pay-TV investigation.
  • Merger control matter of the year—Europe. BT/EE. Oxera advised TalkTalk Telecom Group on this deal.
  • Litigation of the year—cartel defence. Air cargo (British Airways defence). Oxera economists are acting as economic experts for the claimants in this ongoing case.
  • Litigation of the year—cartel defence. Elevator cartel. Oxera acted as experts for the Belgian government in this case.
  • Litigation of the year—Non-cartel prosecution. Streetmap v Google. Oxera Partner, Craig Lonie, acted as expert for Streetmap in this case.