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David Jevons to deliver Ofcom keynote

Oxera Partner David Jevons will deliver a keynote speech on algorithmic pricing at Ofcom’s internal training event in September.

David’s influential Agenda article ‘When algorithms set prices: winners and losers’ made waves in the economic community and beyond when it was published last year. Speaking to techworld.com, he reflected:

‘If you ask an algorithm to profit maximise and you’re using artificial intelligence which monitors your competitor’s prices, the algorithms could all start to work out that the best thing for them to do is not engage in a price war. And of course, price wars benefit consumers because they get lower prices.’

Following the success of the article, Oxera has continued to provide insight into these issues, working alongside lawyers, regulators, and corporations. At the Ofcom event, David will speak about how algorithmic pricing affects competitive outcomes—considering the costs, the benefits, and the conditions under which the practice could lead to consumer harm.