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COVID-19 update from Oxera

In recent months we have seen a sea change in the way we live and how we do business. The global pandemic has meant that we—businesses, governments, regulators and banks—have had to adapt rapidly to guidance on protecting lives, livelihoods and the economy. People and firms have found new ways of doing things, and although the pandemic is still with us, we are starting to look to the future and think about how we can take forward what we have learned.

As an economics consultancy, we’ve been helping our clients to navigate the ever-changing environment, learning and innovating together along the way. We’ve been exploring the impact of the pandemic through the eyes of governments, businesses and investors—working to inspire better decisions that shape outcomes for society.

Many of our clients are going through a game-changing amount of flux and uncertainty. However, they remain strong, resilient and steadfast in their commitment to deliver the best possible outcomes for their staff, customers and the sustainability of their businesses.

Our own business has also seen rapid change. Like many, we’ve quickly adapted to finding new ways to do business. I’ve been inspired by the innovation and creativity that has happened and know that we will emerge stronger—as colleagues, as friends and as Oxera.

At Oxera, we are acutely aware of the talented individuals who work here. Our people could be doing many other things in society, so we have to ensure that they are growing and enjoying the work they do with us. During this period, we have been committed to ensuring this remains our focus. In May, we were delighted to announce four promotions to our Partnership, and last month we’re equally delighted to announce the promotion of several Analysts to Consultant roles. We are also pleased to welcome Dr. Eva Deuchert, who joins us as a Senior Adviser in Germany, and Alfredo Macchiati who has now joined the Partnership in Italy.

We remain positive about the future—the wave is slowly receding, and a new landscape, with new opportunities, is beginning to surface across Europe. Each of us—businesses, governments, regulators, banks and wider society—will play an important and active role in putting the pieces back together to create a new, exciting and sustainable future.

There are difficult questions to address, but together we will unravel their complexities and bring the solutions to light.

Helen Jenkins
Managing Partner